Blessington pike

In the winter 2009 sick of the dry period of beach fishing after Christmas till Spring, I decided to go pike fishing on my local water Blessington.

Blesso is a big place. It has 33 miles of shoreline so although i was quite familiar with the place, picking a place to start is overwhelming. So with my Father in law we decided to give it a couple of hours at Valleymount bridge as we had no better clue where to start. Just one rod out with a float ledger and a joey Mackeral. There was noone else fishing and i just flicked the rod out near the bridge. We really weren’t expecting much when after an hour the rod went mad as the float took off. My first pike on a deadbait i couldn’t believe it.082

My next trip up was to be much better prepared with a stove, chesties and a shelter. i went up to a spot i picked that was more off the beaten track. i waded out to cast then put the kettle on and lay back with about fifty layers on to keep warm. i remember i was listening to the radio, neil diamond of all things was on when my alarm gave a beep or two. Probably the wind… then it tore off. I was shaking playing this fish as it looked bigger that the other one.

Snapshot 1 (12-08-2013 07-42)

After that i tried to get up as much as possible and cover as much ground as i could. Aidan came on the trips after that with another friend of ours Farreller. We found lots of parts of the shoreline was fairly featureless and were always on the lookout for any features.

We had lots of blanks but were catching enough to keep us going  back.


Consistently we found that the harder to get to places were turning up the fish as opposed to the car park fishing which is so tempting but wouldn’t advance us at all. Just being up there is always a pleasure though so we never minded the walking really.


We tried all times of day mostly being up there from first light with most fish in the afternoon and evening. By this stage Joe was also fishing with us as well. We tried different depths as well just to get to know the place a bit.


We were just fishing deadbaits on alarms and didn’t really try the spinning. For some reason we felt more confident with the bait. As the season started to change to Spring the frogs were hopping in any damp patch, the fishing then dried up around spawning time.

When we got back out again  it was a bit milder. We started trying a new area of the lake to us which was much shallower.

Soon we started picking up a few fish again sometimes tiny but any fish is welcome up there just for morale.


we got in a couple of last sessions and even tried the feeder fishing for the roach which was quite good and one evening i got two runs one a fish about 12lb fish and another which i weighed on my rapala scales which had become rustly from sea angling and was binned after that trip. it came up just under twenty pounds but to me although empty bellied from spawning looked bigger any opinions welcome….




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We are three anglers who enjoy all aspects of fishing. Whether we are blanking or catching were happiest on the bank or shore. If you like your fishing join us by watching our many trips and as we interview some top anglers along the way.....
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