Shore fishing

Shore fishing is where we are most at home
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Whether its an East coast beach or a storm beach in the SouthWest we cant get enough of it. Theres nothing like eagerly watching those rod tips waiting for the next bite.

Fresh bait and plenty of rigs with a beach buddy for comfort. Kettle and a radio and its on!

Wicklow Bass

Wicklow Bass


We mostly fish Wicklow, Wexford but with a few trips each year to Kerry and Cork. Theres just not enough days in a life to cover all of Ireland! We buy bait as our fishing time is limited with family commitments so no time for digging.


We like to get to a venue early to make sure its fishable or have a plan B ready. Weed is a thorn in the side of all beach anglers. So you must fish according to each venue and be prepared to move if necessary.

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More than anything, enjoying time with your mates is primary to the whole experience.


You could be watching the sun come up on a beautiful July Morning catching smoothies, but soon that won’t be enough and you’ll be out on an Autumns evening, getting pissed on in search of bass… not to mention the cod fishing.


We are blessed here in Ireland with some of Europe’s best fishing. It helps if your willing to put in the miles to get the most out of your sessions. Fish when conditions are right for your target species with weather and tides, and be prepared to scrap trips too if the conditions are telling you that you won’t catch. We have often persisted and gone anyways because we had it planned but you usually end up wishing you hung on to the juice money

Rock fishing can be great fun. It offers a different array of species with pollock and Wrasse and congers with garfish. It’s great craic watching a float dip under when an acrobatic Gar takes your bait.

You have to get to grips with fishing with rotten bottoms and junk leads for fishing on the rocks and be prepared to loose plenty of leads.


Always fish with a partner in case someone falls in and always tell someone where you are going and what time you’ll be back. It’s worth considering wearing a life jacket too as every year someone will be killed in Ireland shore fishing….. and it’s not the beach marks!


Spinning for bass is another possibility, whether it be metal spinners, plugs or soft plastics. Again take great care on the rocks though as sharp limestone is not much fun to fall on as the three of us know now.


Our favourite thing about shore fishing like all fishing is the places it takes you and banter between mates.

flounder castlegregory

On the East coast you can get preoccupied with Spring tides and high water but on the South coast sometimes the tides can be too strong making neaps preferable in some places like estuarys.


About paddykeogh20

We are three anglers who enjoy all aspects of fishing. Whether we are blanking or catching were happiest on the bank or shore. If you like your fishing join us by watching our many trips and as we interview some top anglers along the way.....
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