Interview with Sidney Kennedy

Sidney Kennedy is one of Irelands premier anglers. He is the current Irish carp record holder and one of the most prolific specimen hunters Ireland has seen and runs his blog Myself and Joe met Sidney for the first time last year when we went down to himself and Ross Macklin who is also one of Irelands finest anglers, for the carp and hybrids.

The lads really made us welcome and put us on the fish. we learned so much in such a short time from them and are looking forward to fishing together again soon.

I asked Sidney could i interview him for the blog and like the sound bloke he is, he agreed to let me interview him….. thanks Sidney for helping so here is the interview…….

sid tope

me: Hi Sidney, thanks for letting me interview you.

SK: no problem Paddy.

me: when and how did you get into fishing?

SK: When i was aged four, my brother Bryan brought me to Youghal beach and my first fish was a flounder. I’d do the baiting up and reeling in which he showed me and Bryan had to cast. we would catch rudd and eels in Cork city. We couldn’t travel so venues had to be local or on holidays in Youghal where we would catch dogfish, mackeral and flounder with a sea wolf rod and a abu garcia reel.

me: You are the Irish record holder for carp, when did carp come into the picture?

SK: I was eleven when i became aware of carp when a large fish came crashing out of the water and i thought…. “what the **** was that?”  I started carp fishing then and asking questions to two guys called Ken Reddy and Connor Healy who were fishing the Lough.

Irish record carp

Irish record carp

me: whats your favorite Irish fish?

SK: I suppose carp I’d have to say, but gilthead bream are some fish and i love the blue shark.

me: You have fished abroad quite a bit, what was your favorite trip?

SK: Spain because it was with the family so i enjoyed that most, with all of us catching fish. I had 160lb catfish. Norway was also amazing just for the scenery not to mention the cod and halibut.

sid halibut

me: if you won the lotto, what trip would you most like to do?

SK: India without a doubt the sea fishing off the islands is amazing. Otherwise a trip to Palm tree lagoon in Thailand for the Arapaima and alligator gar.

me: You have caught nearly everything that swims in Ireland, what species have you not that you would most like to?

SK: i have caught turbot, but to catch a big one would be special however they are very very rare so we’ll see

me: Do you listen to  music in the bivvy or the sounds of nature?

SK: sounds of nature, i want to listen for fish crashing so the only music i want to hear is the sounds of my alarms.



me: if you could have only one last fishing experience in Ireland what would it be?

SK: I don’t know, there is so many. Blue shark on a fly rod would be one.



me: finally Sid, what advice would you give to young fellas starting off?

SK: if i was a kid starting out now, I’d get down to my local water or wherever you wanna fish. Get talking to the guys there. Ask them what they are using, doing etc. to catch and take it all in. Watch fishing on the telly and read whatever magazines you can.

Save up and buy the best gear you can. Buy cheap buy twice so get the best you can for the job and it will last you.

Finally, when on the bank, don’t be afraid to approach people for advice. Worst case scenario they tell you to get lost, but you will find people are very helpful and the best source of info.

Sid Kennedy Bream

me: Sid, thanks for giving me some of your time we really appreciate it

Sk: No problem Paddy


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We are three anglers who enjoy all aspects of fishing. Whether we are blanking or catching were happiest on the bank or shore. If you like your fishing join us by watching our many trips and as we interview some top anglers along the way.....
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