Interview with Brian Bohan

We first met Brian when we wanted to start tench fishing. We booked a week at and have never looked back.

CHA'S 028

May i start off first by saying Brian is great craic and one of the kindest people you will ever meet. He will get pissed with you and teach you so much about fishing, but all the while you never feel he is spouting his expertise.

Then you fish beside him and he will demolish you time and time again. He is not into fancy tackle or the latest rods, but his watercraft is something to behold and me and Aidan and Joe are happy to count him as a mate.

Once while fishing a Leitrim lake, i lost my car keys around midnight. Joe proceeded to catch tench and bream. I never thought I’d hear myself say it but i had no more interest in fishing that night as i knew i didn’t have a spare set in Dublin and the car was useless without them.

The next morning i texted Brian telliing him about the night and my misfortune. He drove 45 mins to us and appeared with a metal detector like Superman. Within minutes he had the keys and was on his way with us insisting on paying him and Brian telling us to f*ck off.

Brian is currently investing back into fishing with the juniors from Leitrim youths CAC, giving up his valuable time to teach kids how to fish and giving them an interest for life. Some of them have progressed to match fishing and Brian is coaching them. I admire any angler who gives back to the sport and is not ever consumed by ego they are few and far between so let us all salute them.

Brian fished for Ireland in the World feeder fishing championships in South Africa in 2013 and will again represent Ireland in 2014 for the European float championship. Here is his interview…….


me: Whats your earliest fishing memory?

BB: Theres two i suppose. My Dad bringing me fishing on a lake near Fenagh. It was around March and i was seven or eight. The lake was flooded up into the fields and i was spining with my Dad into a small bay. First cast i catch a small pike about 6/7 lb. It seemed huge to me. Next cast another jack which i brought in elated. Then to my Dads surprise i caught another and by this stage i had to get him to bring it in  because my little arms were hanging off me.

The other was a day fishing on the canal with a bamboo rod a cork we got from a bottle and some maggots. We caught lots of bream around three pound and i was hooked.

Me: Brian your name is synonomous with Irish Tench fishing, what is it about the tench that makes you tick?

BB: For me it’s because they are such a clever fish. There can be just one big bully of a tench chasing all fish off your feeder, but he still won’t fall for what you put in front of him. It’s how I’m gonna trick that fish is what gets me. Whats going on under the water and how will i succeed. I love catching the first tench of the season because it’s like here we go again. I love the colour of tench and i mosltly love the eyes…… i could go on lol….

2110  tench  and  pike 020

Me: You wrote the book Irish Dreams with Martin Allington, it covers 420 locations. how long did such an undertaking take and whats your knowledge of the lakes?

BB: I have fished a hundred of the lakes hard, and most in general. I have not fished all them though im not missing many. It was a lot of work but worth it when i hear of people benifiting from it.


Me: You represented Ireland in the world feeder fishing championship in South Africa in  2013 what was that experience like?

BB: It was hard going at times. It could be stressful at times but mostly a brilliant fishing experience. This was my fourth cap for Ireland and it was nice to be representing Ireland.

Me: Thats not the only thing you have represented your country for, a little bird told me you were also on the Irish tug of war team, is that true?

BB: laughs…… yes i was also on that team too. I was in USA, South Africa, Holland Spain you name it! Again it was nice to pull on a green jersey so to speak.


Me: You are off to the European float championships in Belgium this year. How will you prepare for that?

BB: It’s very hard to practice here. We need a similar sized venue with similar depths. Over there everyone will be using bloodworm and joker so there will be no real bait advantages to be had as everyone will be using the same. We would like to get there a week early to get a few sessions in before it starts.

Me: I’ve often admired the picture of the nile perch over the fireplace, can you tell me about that particular catch?

BB: That was in Egypt quite a few years ago. It was my friends 21st, the trip was a present and he kindly brought me along. We stayed in Aswan and went fishing from two boats, one to eat your meals on etc. and one to go fishing from. It was all trolling or lure fishing. The fish was 90lb and what a fight, a true bully. There was these other fish out there i cant remember the name they were tiny fish that were impossible to catch. i tried and tried and eventually foul hooked by accident. It puffed up like a ball and was making this squeek squeek on the deck which we had never seen anything like it.

bb   and zoltan 015

ME: How have you seen the bream fishing change over the years?

BB: It went down for three reasons as i see it. Firstly poaching, and too much blame can go to certain nationalities on some of the forums. There was poaching long before the celtic tiger years so i think its just a major problem in general. Second, greedy cat and dog food companies have ruined some waters as pollution laws have not always done there job. Thirdly the clarity of water since the zebra mussles came in and the hybridisation with other species.

2010 107

Me: Between running Cha Flynns being a busy dad, the kids team and the European championships, how do you fit it all in?

BB: with great difficulty lol

Me: Favorite music?

BB: rebel music

Me: Whats next for Brian Bohan?

BB: Good question i don’t know. A sponsor would be nice to help with the championships. Its hard trying to compete when your trying to raise a family too but that would be a massive boost, otherwise just keep fishing and enjoying life

Me: Look thanks a million Brian for giving us some of your time

BB: Don’t mention it Paddy

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