Interview with Dave Lewis

I have been reading Dave Lewis’s articles since 2003. He has a list of fishing experiences to make Ernest Hemmingway look like a beginner. You name it he has done it. He is also a really down to Earth guy who happily took my call and before i knew we were chatting about all things fishing…..

Bonefish Florida

Bonefish Florida

Me: Can i start off by reading my all time favorite fishing quote of all time? “We had to wait until a lorry with a crane could be found to lift my fish off the boat….”

DL: laughs.. yeah it’s true that was in Cape Verde. it was an 1120lb blue Marlin a big fish.

Me: i think Hemmingway would have had a laugh about that one

Mullet-snapper Panama

Mullet-snapper Panama

Me: You have fished literally around the globe, i see that you went to Sierra Leone, I know there is has been a lot of unrest there what was that like?

DL: We went there just after the trouble. I went with Bruce Dickenson, the lead singer of metal band Iron Maiden. Bruce is a commercial airlines pilot. I went to Iceland with him on one trip and he was flying down there and i got the chance to join him going. It was still quite dangerous there and our group had to have armed guards travel with us to get around the place.

Me: Is he big into the fishing?

DL: he likes his fishing, he comes when he gets a chance but he’s very busy.

Rooster fish Panama

Rooster fish Panama

Me: I also really enjoyed the article about the 54.5 lb cod

DL: Yeah that was a pb

Me: was Ron Webb with you on that trip?

DL: no Ron wasn’t with me that time but we have fished together out there and done a lot of sharking together with my friend Andrew Allsop.

Me: didn’t he used to hold the blue shark record?

DL: He did he held the record until that was beaten again on Andrew Allsops boat two or three seasons ago.

Me: we love our blue sharking I’m dying to know whats your best blue?

DL: not that big, my best is 165lb

Me: I absolutely loved the story of Papa Kubwa in Kenya the tiger shark.

DL: Yeah they were some fish

Papa Kubwa, tiger shark Kenya

Papa Kubwa, tiger shark Kenya

Me: You have previously said the Maldives is your favorite destination is that still the case?

DL: very much so and also Belize. Maldives is just unspoiled. Where we fish it’s not near the resorts it’s on a liveaboard boat in the Southern attols, you won’t see another European face while your there. The fishing is excellent a lot of popping and jigging. I love there big GT’s, dogtooth tuna, yellowfin tuna, snappers and groupers. The fly fishing is good as well and it’s just the variety. Belize is also very special with tarpon, bonefish and permit.

GT Mozambique

GT Mozambique

Me: what makes a good skipper?

DL:  A good skipper? sense of humour, experience, honesty and a probably a good supply of tea bags.

Me: You started fishing on the Newport canal as a kid, are any of your original fishing gang still with you now?

DL: Yeah my best mate Andrew Reeves. We actually started nursery school the same day together and now we fish all over the world. He will actually be here in about three hours.

Me: how do you juggle fishing and family?

DL:  Em, I’ve always done it, i was lucky with the fire service we worked four on four off. Ive been married 27 years.When i wasn’t away fishing I was prob getting to be at home more than people who work Monday to Friday so it was basically the fire service, any other job in the world I wouldn’t have been able to have done it. And at other times my family would come with me. I could see how fishing could put a strain on a relationship though.

Yellowspot trevally Mozambique

Yellowspot trevally Mozambique

Me: what was your time with the fire service like?

DL: I was there thirty years, it was a busy station and I really enjoyed it.

Me: What was your most dangerous experience out fishing?

DL: Twice I’ve been nearly knocked out of a canoe by a hippo, once was with John Wilson in Tanzania. I F**king hate hippos.

Me: Where have you not fished that you would like to?

DL: The Amazon, I’ve never fished the Amazon and Ive never fished in Alaska I’d like to fish there too. There are lots of places but probably those two if I get the chance.

Tarpon Nicaragua

Tarpon Nicaragua

Me: Well Dave thanks again for talking to us and I hope to see you in the summer

DL: Thanks Paddy we sure will…

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