Interview with Mike Dennehy

This is gonna be one of my favorite interviews just because Mike Dennehy and Pedro are two of the soundest guys we have ever fished with I could talk to Mike all day about fishing he has a great way of explaining things and is always willing to help.


Me: Mike its always my opener, whats your earliest fishing memories?

MD: My dad took me coarse fishing around Cork when i was about five, I suppose catching roach, perch and eels was my earliest memories of fishing. It done a lot of shore fishing but you know as you get older you get more opportunities to go boat fishing and once i started having some success i could think about nothing else.


Me: What was your first boat?

MD: My first boat was an orkney fastliner 19 with 50hp.

Me: How did you and Pedro first fish together?


MD: We originally fished together on the small boats around 1998 thereabouts.

Me: Me and Aidan love going out on the Silver Dawn, we would rate it as a 10/10 fishing experience. How do you lads know what makes a good charter?

MD: i dunno, The way we are we just treat people as we would want to treated ourselves i suppose. I mean i wouldn’t like to bring people out with the view of trying to extract money from their pockets. As I have said to you Paddy, if the weather is favorable and i think you will catch i will bring you out but if I dont think it’s gonna happen I’m not wasting your time or my time. This isn’t our full time job so its just about the angling.



Me: Whats your favorite fishing memory?

MD: God thats a difficult one, different ones for different reasons. The tuna trips have to rankup there obviously , four rods going off simultaneously was something special. it’s mental and it was wonderful fun. The wreck fishing was also much better previously it was a fair bit of sport but proper management is the way forward. Catching bronze whalers in Namibia was also a fair bit of craic.


Me: Tell us about Namibia?

MD: That was great craic, we had up to ten Bronze whalers off the beach on one of the days. They are some fish. On the boats it’s just straight up and down, but these things were bringing us up and down the beach!

Me: It must have been surreal having a beer under African skies so to speak?

MD: It was, the guide Johann drove us about 180 miles into the wilderness and it was just sand dunes all around us and a few coyotes under the moon light and there is no light pollution so you could see really far at night with the naked eye under millions and millions of stars it’s the experience out there as much as the fish. I’ve been twice and I would go back there tomorrow if I could.

Me: I remember last year you telling us about the tuna trips it sounded like some craic.

MD: even the preparation of the boat was tighter than normal. making sure all systems were fully serviced and ready to go and everything ready so no glitches when your out there. Yeah i enjoyed that one.

mick2-tuna (1)


Me: whats next to catch Mike?

Md: there were bluefins out there last year so thats what we’re after this year, you know yourself Paddy, the fishing mind is always ticking over… laughs

Me: Well Mike no better man to do it, thanks a million for your time.

silver dawn

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We are three anglers who enjoy all aspects of fishing. Whether we are blanking or catching were happiest on the bank or shore. If you like your fishing join us by watching our many trips and as we interview some top anglers along the way.....
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