Interview with Kit Dunne

Kit Dunne is one one of Irelands top skippers. Kit was a regular on the Irish international boat team and now enjoys success as the man behind Wicklow boat charters. We have fished with Kit several times and he is one of Myself and Aidans favorite skippers finding him to be one of the best in the business, patient, knowledgable and always great craic and whether beginner or expert, you will always learn a trick or two from Kit along the way.

Boats 3 small,

Me: Kit, you have been boat fishing a long, long time how did it all begin?

Kit: I was introduced to boats when I was nine or ten, my Father had a boat, he done a small bit of fishing, a few  whelk and lobster pots a few herring nets and i was brought up in and around that. We used to go out to help with the pots when i was ten or eleven. That was my introduction to boats. At about sixteen or thereabouts i started bringing out my Fathers boat to fish.

VLUU L110  / Samsung L110

Me: what was your first fish?

Kit: Dogfish were the first fish, then probably ray. Then I was introduced to tope early enough.

Me: How did the competition fishing start?

Kit: I suppose i was introduced to it at club level at Wicklow bay SAC so pretty early i suppose. Started fishing the competitions then, me and the brother, fished a few local comps and it all grew from there. When you represent the club and then get a few results, then you represent at master angler level in the national championships.

Me: When did you decide to go full time into angling and launch Wicklow boat charters?

Kit: I always knew in the back of my mind, that i would at least semi-retire to charter fishing but about five years ago the full time job I was in finished. I was with a company called Stone Development, a stone and cladding company and the last two years i was with them I was contract manager. Then over a period of a a few years people we had to let people go then i was let go, that was about five years ago. I set up on my own then as an architectural business for planning applications and stone design. In that time things were going down with the recession and after two years started drying up, i started looking in the direction of fishing. I set it up about two and a half years ago now.

Black bream

Black bream


Me: You have personally helped a lot of anglers catch a lot of specimens, how many specimens were taken on Lisin last year?


Kit: We had 64 specimen hounds, we had four specimen tope and we had one specimen bull huss last year. Personally I registered three smoothound and one tope in 2013, this brought me to seven specimens in the last two years.

Me: And now I’m thinking god knows how many unclaimed fish over the years…..  Whats your favorite species to catch?

Kit: It has to be tope, they have given me so much pleasure over the years, i wouldn’t be doing them justice if I said anything else.

Kit Dunne Skipper with Wicklow Boat Charters with his fine 45lb+ Specimen Tope ! (1)

Kit: I try and do a bit of pleasure fishing now and to be honest with you, I probaby find more time now than when i was fishing competitively. When I was fishing comps, I would structure that day off so I would be fishing a similar size tide etc to the comp and all fishing was leading to matches. I do more pleasure fishing now and the only pressure is against myself. I’d like to start claiming more specimens, I only started claiming two years ago so i think I’ll be doing that a bit more this year.

Homelyn Ray ! (Copy)

Me: You have fished in loads of countries, but if money and time were no object, where would you go and what would you do?

Kit: I suppose Marlin would be a dream come true if i ever got the time to target them 

Me: You added a second boat to Wicklow boat charters this year which Anthony Rice will skipper, how do you know Anthony?

Kit: When I was taking my Fathers boat out, Anthony was also doing the same, I’ve known him most of my life and he has been involved with boats and fishing all that time and he was happy to help me out.

Specimen smoothie

Specimen smoothie

Me: I have great admiration for anyone who gives there time to the lifeboat service, what was that like?

Kit: I was involved for five years on the inshore boat and i really enjoyed it, i worked on the all-weather boat as well, it was a good experience i learned a lot. At the time with the comps though i couldn’t give it the time I needed to so I stepped down, but I have the greatest respect for anyone who gives up their personal time to do it.

Henry Kelly with a specimen huss

Henry Kelly with a specimen huss

Me: Will you stay involved with competitive fishing, or are you out now?

Kit: I’m out now because of the charters, but i like to stay involved

Me: Weren’t you out at the world champs though in 2013?

Kit: I still support the team and last year i went out as manager and this year the lads have asked me back so I’ll be heading out with them

Me: Kit thanks for your time and see you on Lisin asap….

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