Interview with Adam Penning

The next person on the couch is none other than carp maestro Adam Penning. I’m not gonna ask about his rigs or technical stuff because it’s all been covered so well on various  magazines, websites and youtube. Myself, Aidan and Joe who are novice carpers,  have watched an almost perverse amount…. and thats a lot!

Adam has been around a long time and has demolished some of the most pressured waters in Britain time and time again. He has pioneered tackle and techniques and continues to advance carping. When I asked Adam to help, he was only too happy to give up his time to talk to us, he is a true gent of the fishing world and here is the interview…..

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Me: How did you start fishing and what were your first memories of it?

AP: I started fishing down the local river with a mate from school- i have to thank him for getting me into it. We spent a year or so catching gudgeon, roach and small chub before Tony caught an 8lb carp which blew our minds. I made a mission of beating it and on my next trip caught a 12lb common on floating crust. That was 1985 and I’ve been addicted ever since!

Me: You have probably spent more nights in a bivvy than most people, how often do you get out?

AP: All my life I have worked for a living – I have never been a bank tramp! Generally my fishing has been with 20 days holiday a year (mostly used for Xmas and ‘proper’ holidays) and maybe six nights a month.

Me: What has been your favorite capture and why?

AP: Probably my first forty because it was an unknown fish and was a proper mission to try and catch as it came from a lake that only held ten carp.

Me: What fish did you put the most time into catching?

AP: Probably the one I just mentioned! And thats what made it so sweet when it all came together.

Me: Who would be your ideal bivvy partner?

AP: Salma Hayek or Halle Berry.

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Me: Do you fish in France much?

AP: Never have done much but starting to do a bit now and going  a few times this year, starting with a trip to Cassien next month. Most of my trips are work trips where people book me as part of my tutorial/guiding service.

Me: What makes a good carper?

AP: Observation and and being able and willing to react to that observation. Honestly and most guys just don’t get it – the really top guys never take their eyes off the water.

Me: `What was your most recent carp?

AP: A 23lb mirror from last week (February)

Me: Which anglers did you admire when you were starting out?

AP: Rob Maylin and Rod Hutchinson were very influential as was Kevin Maddocks.

Me: Did you ever think you would bring it this far back down the local river with Tony? And what advice would you give to the young Adam Penning?

AP: Not a clue! I never set out to get into the trade or to be sponsored or anything like that. I was just purely into my fishing and still am. Best advice to give a young me? Get up at dawn and watch the water – don’t be lazy at first light, that is when it all happens. God knows I missed so many!

Me: Well Adam it has been an absolute pleasure and thanks for giving up your time.

AP: No problem at all Paddy

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We are three anglers who enjoy all aspects of fishing. Whether we are blanking or catching were happiest on the bank or shore. If you like your fishing join us by watching our many trips and as we interview some top anglers along the way.....
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