Martin Bowler

Martin Bowler is an angler who caused shock waves through the UK fishing scene. Having not one but two British record fish and an astonishing side list of catches that are hard to attribute to one guy out fishing! Martin is a professional angler and the best in the business. We were very lucky to have a bit of Martin’s time so here goes


Me: Martin you have done it all`catching some of the UK’s biggest fish, what kind of fishing is the most unwinding for you when you want to get away from it all?

MB: My job is primarily as a coarse angler so I do enjoy game and sea fishing with, at the present time, spring salmon being my favourite.

Me: You are known to especially love barbel, what is it about barbel?

MB: I think I love barbel because of where they live – flowing water has always captured my imagination and when you are targeting a fish that fights so hard it’s easy to understand why I have spent so much time in their pursuit.

Me: A lot of Irish guys would love to take a trip over for them but would be unsure where to start, what months, weather conditions and areas should we be looking at?

MB: If I was visiting for a barbel I would target the river Wye.  Many stretches are available on day ticket and the best starting point would be to visit www.wyeuskfoundation.orgwith the thought of arranging a trip between June and November.

Me: Tench is one of your favorite species and your list of captures is iconic. How did you consistently catch such monsters?

MB: As with all my fishing the tactics I use are very simple.  The major consideration to catching huge tench is to make sure that the venue you are targeting holds such specimens, then apply watercraft to ensure they are in front of you.  The rest is relatively simple.

Me:  If you had to pick your favorite catch from over the years what would that be?

MB: I guess it should be one of the 2 British records but I believe the best fish I have caught is a 5lb 4oz perch from the Ouse which was caught on a method I taught myself, pole and flat float, and caught on camera for Catching The Impossible.

Me: When not fishing what do you do in your spare time?

MB: To wind down I like to spend time with my wife, going for a meal or visiting the cinema although she would probably tell you that I am addicted to angling.

Me: Worst accident out fishing?

MB: Once in a boat on a trout reservoir I slipped over and dislocated my shoulder.

Me: What was your worst lost fish?

MB: two years ago I hooked a salmon of a lifetime on a Devon minnow and can honestly say that for a while I thought I was connected to the bottom until it started swimming upstream unaware that I was even hooked onto it.  Unfortunately 30 seconds later it came adrift and I spent the rest of the day feeling sick.

Me: Which target took longest to achieve?

MB: Some fish have taken a while to catch but I guess it was the Catching The Impossible project that meant a whole series of fish tracked down, captured and caught on film took the longest which was 4 years.

Me: Whats next for Martin Bowler?

MB: I’m currently finishing off my new book which will be out in OCtober and my new film Seeking Shadows part 2 which will be out in November.  Other than that I just hope to continue enjoying my angling.

Me: Martin thanks a million for talking to us your a sound bloke as well as top angler

MB: no problem Paddy

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We are three anglers who enjoy all aspects of fishing. Whether we are blanking or catching were happiest on the bank or shore. If you like your fishing join us by watching our many trips and as we interview some top anglers along the way.....
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