Andy Doyle and Ireland’s first forty

Andy Doyle made the carp fishing history books in Ireland when he got the very first forty pound carp in Ireland. A dedicated carper, with the large majority of Lyreen fish under his belt he still enjoys time at Lyreen in Maynooth while doing as many French trips as time will allow with other commitments. When i spoke to Andy, he was enjoying his first session of the year on Lyreen and proceeded to clean up with five runs and four fish to 24,6lb

First fish, first sesh 2014

First fish, first sesh 2014

Andy Doyle 24,6 Lyreen March 2014

Andy Doyle 24,6 Lyreen March 2014

Me: When did you begin carping?

AD: I’m fishing since I’m a nipper used to do a lot of fly fishing but took to the carping about ten year ago now.

Me:  How long have you been a member of Lyreen?


AD: I’m fishing maynooth since 2005/06 seems a lot longer it’s amazing how a place can change I remember just grass banks and now it’s tree lined with willows looks the job in the summer months

The long mirror

The long mirror

Me: Tell us about the bigger residents of Lyreen?

AD: The lumps of maynooth well there is 4 main ones   Big hole. The other mirror. The long mirror. And the big common the one I can’t catch is the common, came close but never had him. At the right time if the year there is one or two that will push over the 30 pound mark. At this stage I reckon the main 4 don’t drop below 30 at any time of the year not bad for a little lake I’m Ireland.

the common

the common

Me: Can you tell us about the session you caught big hole as Irelands first forty?

AD: The session I had the 40 on, was end of February 2012. Was a great month I had a hit if 9 two weeks before that the long mirror being one of those and one if the lads had the other mirror same day. That common popped out of the swim I had the hit on 2 days after, I left it close but not close enough. So the week end came van packed ready to get away after work. All a few of were saying she has to be hitting 40 now and she wasn’t out yet happy days. I jumping into peg 10 picked up a few fish all under 20 Sunday morning came no sign if big hole had a few cups of tea and said to myself ‘ah she wount mind, so I texted her self I’ll not be home doing one more night I’ll head straight to work in morning. Reply was dim lol. So ya I stayed on picked up a double around midnight thinking that’s my chances gone. The mid weekers will get her now. At half 3 in the morning a few beeps hit the rod and there she rolled across the net cord in all her glory ‘big hole’ 40’2. Happy days weighted it quickly seen it was going over 40 so I got a lad up to come down we weighted it 3 times to make sure because I knew the back stabbers would be all ready to say no it’s not and of course they did.

Big hole

Big hole

Me:  How did it feel and what was yout reaction like?

AD: When I got to work that morning no sleep after having her, texting posting all was a great buzz. One lad from up north sent me a email address for a English mag and said sent on the pictures to him so I’d did but I never taught I’d end up in most of the mags and carp world twice. To me that was when I realised how I made history. And that no one can take that away from me it’s a nice feeling

Me :Before that capture of big hole, what was your pb?

AD: My PB before thus was 35’10 big hole of course

Me: Have you fished in France much, what is that like?

47,12 France

47,12 France

AD: I’ve been going over and back to France since 2005 I only ever get a week at a time so I don’t get a chance to do publics but I will one day. I had a nice few fish over there had a 40 every year for the last 4 and in different lakes biggest beefing last year 47’12 common beast of a fish.

Me: How best should a beginner go about catching on Lyreen?

AD: My advice to people starting to fish maynooth make sure u have plenty of experience of catching carp it’s no wash water and it’s not for beginners if u drop a fish on here it’s priceless do serve your time in other waters and then fish maynooth there is some cracking fish in it.

The other mirror

The other mirror

Me: whats on your fishing calender this year?

AD: My plans for this us to enjoy my fishing fish many lakes as I can. I’m heading to fish lake Chira in gran canaria in Easter for the week so looking forword to that maybe a quick flight to France in September I’ll see lol

Me: what would be a carp dream come true for you?

AD: A dream come true for me would be to see carp in many of our waters and we all can get out there and leave the bitching alone.

Me: Andy thanks for talking to us and we will look forward to seeing you on the bank, where you might even point us in the right direction nudge nudge wink wink

AD: No problem lads see you there…

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