Dave Beecham Canary Carp

Dave Beecham first went to the Canaries 27/28 years ago on holiday. While there he fell in love with the place so much so he moved out a few years later. He is the founder and MD of http://www.carpgrancanaria.com a very successful carp tour company offering a variety of trips to various waters around the islands, to suit experts or beginners alike. Myself, Aidan and Joe have often daydreamed about fishing out there and as we all have families, its a great way to combine a fishing and family holiday so it will interest many anglers in similar holiday conundrums. The lakes out there look straight out of a John Wayne film which makes an impressive backdrop for the fishing. The fishing is after lean mean wild fish, and some lakes have still never been fished, what more could you want, so I’ll hand over to the man himself…..


Me: How did fishing start for you Dave?

DB: I started fishing when i was seven. None of my family fished but a guy who lived literally opposite me was into fishing and my Dad bought me a small fishing rod to go along with this guy and that was it, I loved it. I have to thank my Dad for getting me into it really.

Me: When  did carp come into the picture?

DB: I was 13/14 when i saw this one guy catch a carp and that was it for me, its the same old story for so many anglers i thought I’d like a bit of that. There was a guy in my class at school, who was a quite competant carper and this was back in the seventies where they were few and far between. My Dad bought me a set of rods and I was away!

GC 13 copy

Me: How did you end up in the Canaries, and what was known about carp on the islands at that time?

DB: I first came on holidays maybe 27/28 years ago before my daughter was born. i was in a bar where a friend of mine was a DJ, and we were talking about carp fishing when one of the waiters told us that there was carp in the mountains. So we got a hire car, had a look at some places and started fishing over the next year or two. Kevin Nash may have been there earlier but at that time we were unaware of anyone else fishing it. Plus we were fishing some lakes that had never been fished too.


Me: How did guiding come about?

DB: I had been fishing in the Canaries , and started fishing in France in the late eighties and early nineties. I came back over here fishing and met some friends and it brought it  back again. Back home I had some savings indoors and I got broken into and the money got stolen. I had a good idea of who it was and i said to Allison, i dont even wanna live here no more, and she said ‘how about going back to the Canaries and start a fishing business’ and it was that moment we decided.

Me: What was you most exciting capture?

DB: Where I caught the record common from, nobody ever had cast a bait. I knew there was big fish in there catching a good few forties and then that fish of 55lb. It had overtaken my life and now we are doing the same on La Gomera.

Dave with Canary Islands record common 55lb

Dave with Canary Islands record common 55lb

dave beecham

Me: The lakes there look fantastic, you must feel like your in a Western sometimes?

DB: Well they filmed many spaghetti westerns there, and in certain parts of the islands you could be in Mexico or Canada, you could be anywhere.


Me: What target would you most like to achieve in the Canaries?

DB: Well my mate Ian just had a 64lb mirror on La Gomera last week, so obviously i would like to beat that now… laughs. He’s our partner on La Gomera so now he has the mirror record for the islands and i hold the common record, which if your in business together is quite good. I do believe that La Gomera will eventually throw up a monster. La Gomera is covered in rain forest, it rains an awful lot and can be quite cold but it really is wild fishing…

Ian with Canary islands record mirror 64lb 2014

Ian with Canary islands record mirror 64lb 2014

Me: tell us about your company?

DB: well we work with Thomas cook and Cosmos, Kevin Nash has supplied all the tackle and the bait. We pick you up from your hotel or appartments, It’s a one drive through the mountains, so you get a good tour of the mountains. We fish all day, do a light lunch with soft drinks and a beer, then we leave the lake about five in the evening and get back around half six. We also obviously do overnights and longer trips as well or we have lakeside accomadation its whatever peolple want really…


Me: Do you ever get to fish much back home?

DB: I don’t get back much, I go home for a week around Christmas, I catch up with  family and friends and I stay with Kevin Nash for a night or two but its just eating and drinking really

Me: If you were to go on a fishing holiday, where would you go?

DB: For me I don’t think i could go on holiday and better what I’ve got, I love it here and I never tire of fishing here for wild fish from unknown waters, I dunno I might wanna go one day for sturgeon in Canada that would be nice.


Me: Well thanks Dave I can well see this years family holiday out there, I just won’t mention the fishing to the mrs till we get there…

DB: Definitly lads I’ll look forward to it

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