Kevin Ellis

Some people watch Walt Whitman in Breaking Bad, but Kevin Ellis at rainbow takes some beating for an entertaining night of fishing. Kevin manages to show brilliantly the comradeship of such fishing trips, which is mostly as memorable as the size of fish caught and after all it’s why we go fishing. I have laughed along the way and felt his pain when a fish is lost, a thing not many fishing shows televise… the pain! I know a lot of Irish anglers have enjoyed watching his vids on vimeo so I’ll get on with the questions….

Me: Whats was your earliest introduction to fishing?

KE: At the age of ten having moved from the East End of London to Romford my new best mate at school Peter Burnikell AKA “Barnie” was already an angler and took me fishing with him over Raphaels Park and Passingford Bridge on the river Roding. My first rod was a split cane 3-piece pole from Kiddy City in Romford market, the complete kit costing 50 pence!….. I was hooked!

photo (10)

Me: When did carp come into the picture?

KE: Was catching single figure fish on floating crust from a club lake at Doddinghurst in Essex Circa 1978 whilst being a match angler but took up Carp fishing seriously in 1979 as a result of not being able to get a girlfriend!

koi talk 5

Me: Where did you fish in the early days?

KE: My early days of serious Carp fishing were spent at Doddinghusrt, South Weald bottom and top lakes, Lake Meadows, Brooklands and Darenth and from 1983 a Herts Club Water that went onto become a very famous fishery.

photo (8)

Me: When did you start going to france?

KE: My first trip to France was in 1986 and Cassien when I caught the 76lb and a 48lber having also lost three.

Me: Can you tell us about the time you caught the cassien fish and how it felt at the time?

KE: Felt very lucky and to be spending it amongst friends and was also a complete surprise to see such a big fish and having caught the 48lb the evening before I vividly remember playing the big one at sunrise on the Saturday morning and it not going into the landing net first time around and thinking that if I then lost it no one would then believe how big it was!

Big Fish

Me:  You took a break from fishing some years ago, how did you get back into it and what triggered the return?

KE: Did not so much take a break as get into Koi keeping for which I also became compulsive, compounded by being busy with work and moving and refurbishing a house.  In the past ten years I would have holidays with my buddies which included the occasional trip to France, Spain and Florida.

Me: You have also fished in Spain for catfish and Florida for tarpon, what was that like?

KE: Everyone should give it a go, Tarpon fight like no other fish I have caught and are crazy, compounded by beautiful scenery and fun that only Miami can offer! Cat fishing too on the Ebro and even Carp fishing is also really exciting and easily got to with cheap flights from the UK now.

Kev's Pics 114

Me: You are now a regular face on the famous Rainbow lake in France, how did you start going there and whats a typical week on Rainbow like?

KE: Thanks to Martin Lock AKA Lockie, managed my first trip in 2012 with my old friend Paul Brooks which came about as a result of an Ebro trip being cancelled. Up to that time Rainbow was never at the forefront of my angling destinations as the style of fishing was quite alien to me i.e. in one swim for the duration of your stay.However, everything that Lockie had mentioned in terms of excitement came true and I was on tender hooks the whole week and in Rainbow you have everything an angler wants, magnificent lake with challenges, amazing fish and a great bunch of anglers many of whom I have made new friends.A typical week is one of working hard and being creative in your approach but above all having some luck which can play a big part in Carp fishing which I know only too well from Cassien.

Kevin Ellis 56lbs (2)

Me: There are massive carp in eastern Europe now, do you think you will fish there one day or will it forever be rainbow?

KE: I had an invite recently to fish in Hungary but could not make the allocated week, I am still gutted at having to give up the opportunity and look forward to getting there sooner than later so will not always be at Rainbow but will take any and every opportunity that comes my way including the chance to fish the large public waters which by comparison are low stocked and much harder with their own set of challenges, and if I can get a few weeks away each year then I will be happy.

Me:  Whats your fishing ambitions for 2014?

KE: To fish a local new syndicate water evenings after work run by an old friend of mine and in between escape with a week’s fishing whenever I can and when the opportunities come my way. These opportunities that have come throughout my fishing career have built long lasting friendships from the past and no doubt the future.

photo (9)

Me: Well Kev thanks for talking to us and we’ll look forward to seeing you soon and don’t worry i’ll make the tea…

KE: No prob lads see you soon….

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We are three anglers who enjoy all aspects of fishing. Whether we are blanking or catching were happiest on the bank or shore. If you like your fishing join us by watching our many trips and as we interview some top anglers along the way.....
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