Scott Loughnane

Scott Loughnane is one of the top carp men in Ireland. He has been carping a long time and has fished the majority of carp waters in Ireland at some stage. He also loves his UK fishing going to many of the famous carp waters over there and the only Irish man to have caught the big plated from linear at 44.06 the most sought afyer fish in Linear and he did it when he was 22. When I spoke to Scott he was doing what he does best and out on the bank on a very quiet secluded lake and sure enough he caught the one pictured below during the time I interviewed him….

photo (16)

Me: How did you start fishing Scott?

SL: I was about eight when the aul fella brought me back a rod a reel from one of his trips to the Lebannon and just started from there. First it was trying to catch trout and then Passion for angling was on tv and as an eight year old it was amazing to watch. Then i seen a picture in the back of some Irish book I can’t remember which one Brendan Doran with an 8lb carp from Galmoylestown I just though I have to get down to that place, it was heavily stocked so I just had to have a bash. I think that was about 1994.

Me: What was your introduction to carp?

SL: It was obviously in Galmoylestown My first one was 7lb and it was caught off the top and to a little kid it felt like a whale. That was it, I was hooked from the first one and haven’t really fished for anything else since!

photo (19)

Me: Where were the first lakes you fished over here?

SL: Em, Ballincollig, a place in Kildare called Pondhouse. From there it was Decoy for about five years, a place in Drogheda called Rosehall, Brothers lake and Bog lough Portlaoise.

Me: Irish lakes have had there ups and downs, tell me about the changes you have seen over the years?

SL: Destruction by man, thats mostly it. No proper management on the waters we have here. All the lakes in the UK are managed. The Fisheries board haven’t done much for the carp anglers as far as I can see.

photo (2)

Me:  I know you have fished quite a lot in England where have you fished over there and why?

SL: I know you can fish in France, but I’ve always wanted to fish the UK. It’s what I’ve read about and dream about. It’s where carp fishing took off. The proper English fish are the ones I wanna catch…


Me: What has been your favorite capture over the years?

SL: Definitely the day I had the fish out of Rosehall, that was just after my 18th birthday. It was 25.03 and the second biggest common in Ireland at the time. It was an old reservoir about 2/3 acres with just four carp.

photo (17)

Me: What kind of waters do you fish nowadays?

SL: I suppose off the beaten track, the quiet Irish lakes….

photo (15)

Me: What lake would you like to fish that you have not?

SL: I would love to fish carraigadrohid the upper dam at Inniscarra. But unfortunately with a young family and full time job I couldn’t give it the time it requires. Probably the ultimate challenge left in Irish carping.

Me: What are your fishing hopes for 2014?

SL: A new water hopefully and a new PB, an Irish thirty thats what we all dream of…..

Me: Thanks for the chat Scott

SL: no prob lads…

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