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Gordon Goodwin has made a massive contribution to Irish carping. He has been involved in stocking waters throughout the country and is a  founding member of the Carp anglers club of Ireland. Gordon studied fisheries management and served his time as a fisheries officer with the Irish Fisheries board. He then went freelance before setting up SixtysixWild. A carp company he runs with Dan O’Kelly and they make a formidable team offering carp trips after wild French fish from public waters. A Really nice guy I’ll hand over now to Gordon……

Agly-spring (1)




Me: How did you begin fishing Gordon?

GG: My Grandfather, father and uncle all fished, so from an early age I was out digging bait and messing about in rock pools with my brothers. Then around my 5th or 6th birthday our Father eventually caved through continuous tormenting and us took us down the Quays and bought us our first fiberglass classics and mini coffee grinders. Unfortunately for my father who was convinced at least one of us would end up on the World Golf circuit, the torment was only about to begin. Every shimmer of water or muddy pond spotted with keen eyes from the backseat on family Sunday drives were now all we cared about. Down the years we managed to try for all sorts of both Saltwater and freshwater species, the latter becoming our main focus on the Rivers, Canals and Reservoirs around Dublin.

The family then emigrated to Southern Spain where a whole host of weird and wonderful fish awaited our baits. After 7 years we returned to Ireland and began targeting Trout and coarse fish. Tench were my first main interest and became an obsession with day sessions turning into nights and then weeks.


Me: When did carp come on the radar?

GG: While I was living in Spain, one of my school friends Father was big into Carp and as we were both Angling crazy I was invited for a weeks fishing holiday with them. I had read about these elusive creatures and remember getting very excited at the prospect of even seeing one.

We were probably around nine or ten years old at the time and while we were helped to rig and bait up, our main job, in the event of a “take”, was to jump into a tiny inflatable and attempt to free the fish from a huge weed bed he was fishing up to. It happened, and while the fish was lost I did see the Golden monster twisting down below us as we tried to pull up half the lakes flora. That image stuck in my head and years later when we got word of Carp in a few Irish waters around the place we were on our way.


Me: You have been carp fishing all over Ireland, what was your fav water for any reason past or present?

GG: I have a particular affinity for a beautiful little lake in the Carrickmacross area, I was involved with stocking this water in conjunction with my Cork friends years ago and it is great to see the fish doing well and others enjoying/looking after the place. I also had my first Double from here prior to that, so it has those two reasons and several others why it stands out for me…!

Me: How did you end up in France?

GG: We took the horse and stayed.


Me: know your partner Dan has already given us a  brief run down on your company SixtySixwild how did you set up the business?

GG: As my own Angling has been purely focused on wild public waters for some time now, I felt I could take the sting out of  Driving over and landing blind for those of the same mindset. Because we are situated so far south it becomes a logistical nightmare to reach some of the waters we fish. Time and money rack up, so by supplying complete backside set-ups and fully kitted out boats our clients can fly in with just the bare minimum of baggage, avail of local knowledge, be provided with all necessary documentation and as much or as little guidance as needed. We always fish with our groups and are at hand if and when required but respect and understand the calm and solitude our chosen sport sometimes demands.

The majority of the waters we target are within a short airport transfer meaning you can leave home that morning and be set up and fishing a French wild water the same afternoon.

21.8kg copy

Me: What would be Gordons dream fish?

GG: I have a 30kg plus on the brain and a 20lb plus Ferox is definitely on the cards!

Me: Do you fish in Ireland much these days?

GG: I do a little when I get a chance to, Ferox trout fishing on the big westerns has become an almost annual event


Me: What has been your favorite catch in France and how did you celebrate?

GG: My current PB hands down.From a water that can be terribly cruel it was all the better.Texted a few close friends and had a beer or two…


Me: What does Sixtysixwild offer?

GG: Wild water Guided Carp fishing on French Public waters, Providing full bankside set ups, fully kitted boats, bait service, Documentation, Airport transfers and local knowledge.The waters range from massive Runs venues producing fish beyond the 20kg mark to sublime Big Fish waters with 30kg plus fish a real possibility. Many of the waters are well off the beaten track and see very little pressure or press.


Me: What are your hopes for 2014?

GG: Stay sharp, fit and healthy. And if its not too much to ask? I would like The Manatee ( Daniel O’Kelly) to stop shaving off his beard and frightening the wildlife and clients with his upside down baby head.

Me: Gordon Thanks a million for talking to us

GG: Anytime Paddy


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