Cian O Halloran Absolute Fishing

Cian O Halloran is the man behind Absolute fishing in Tramore in Co. Waterford. He is one of the countries top bass anglers. We first met Cian in the shop and was always ready to offer advice as well as having a massive array of lures and tackle. He also runs free courses to help people get into lure fishing for bass. So if you want to get yourself your first bass this year get on to Cian and the lads in the shop. Here is Cians interview….

absolute fishing

Me: How did you begin fishing?

COH:  I always had a fascination with water, playing in streams messing with boats and so on. My initial introduction to fishing would have been brown trout in a local river and then mackerel fishing from the rocks. This really appealed to me as a kid catching four fish at once!!

Me: Living in Co. Waterford you have some of the best bass fishing in Ireland, what makes Waterford do good for bass?

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Me: I think from Waterford to Kerry is all prime bass ground. We have a lot of shallow broken ground which the bass love. The ground is endless and along our coastline every day is different, you just don’t know what size of a fish could hit your lure.

Me: Besides the bass, what do you most enjoy fishing for?

COH:  I love fishing for all kinds of fish, pollock are great and especially with a fly rod. Some of my best fishing memories are warm summer evenings pollock fishing from the shore. If I could I would fish for Tarpon or Permit every day but that’s not going to happen. I have so many options and ideas to try out on my doorstep that there just isn’t enough hours in the day. That’s what’s great about this pastime there is always something new to try and always something new to learn.

Me: You have fished in the Florida Keys with Rodney Goodship, what was that experience like?

photo (21)

COH: An experience I will never forget. It is an amazing place, everything in the Keys is based around angling. Rodney has the perfect set up and the knowledge he has of the fishing down there is frightening. We got a great week with the weather which helped but every day Rodney would ask what do you want to catch? No matter what we suggested that’s what we went and caught. It’s hard to explain the the feeling you get when you are floating a live swimmer crab back under a bridge in pitch darkness for Tarpon and your float vanishes. Shaking is an understatement!!! We used our own lure rods for a lot of the fishing which was brilliant, putting 30lb Permit 50 to 60lb sharks and barracuda on our bass gear  and lots of other species was the most enjoyable for me. Book a trip with Rodney and I can guarantee soar arms every night!!!!

photo (20)

Me: How did Absolute fishing come about?

COH: Basically wanting to turn my passion into a career. It’s a lot of hard work but I am very lucky to be able to say I enjoy going to work in the morning. ( can’t ask for much more)

Me: What was your favorite catch over the years and what were the circumstances surrounding it?

COH: It’s not the biggest fish I have caught that jumps out at me but trying a new technique and it working.

Fishing a rock mark with hard lures with nothing happening when conditions were perfect then for the first time clipping on a Senko rigged weedless which a friend from Cork had told me to try. Casting out with very little confidence and letting it wash over the reef. Doing nothing just letting the chop wash it around and then the bow tightened up in the line, I landed a fish of about 3lb and the excitement was like I had never caught a fish. This new technique of weedless plastics had opened up so many doors and and so many places  we could no put a lure which previously were unfishable. It is one of my favourite catches because it has led to so many more.

Me: What would be Cians dream catch?

COH: A double figure bass on the fly. Or a Tarpon on the fly, we tried last year in North Florida but got hit with a tropical storm for the week which ruined our chance. We still had a great week in the Deep South.

Me: Spinning on rock marks is full of hazards,  have you ever had any near misses?

COH: Luckily not really, I don’t think there is any fish worth taking stupid risks for. I have heard first hand plenty of near misses but thankfully none as yet for me.

photo (22)

Me: Knowing when not to fish can be equally as important as knowing when to fish, is there any conditions you would advise against for travelling down for the bass?

COH: Yes as i said there is no fish worth taking a risk for. Big surf is dangerous and so is a lot of the terrain I fish. Try and fish with someone and if you are going it alone let someone know where your are going and what time you will be back. Phone reception is not great in most coastal marks

Me: Finally Cian what are your plans for 2014?

COH: To fish more!!!!!!

Me: Thanks a million for the chat Cian and we will be down in the shop again soon

COH: See you soon so lads…..


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