Sean Martin Waterford bass

Sean Martin Lives in County Waterford and is one of the top Irish bass fishermen. With excellent bass fishing, cod in the Winter and a whole host of other species on offer, You will most probably find Sean out standing in the surf as with such good fishing, It’s hard to pull himself away from it. I first knew of Sean from the Sea angling Ireland forum, where he so often is posting of excellent bass catches along with cod and painted ray, a true gent here is Seans interview….


Me: When did you start fishing Sean?

SM: I started fishing with my father at the age of 10. We would head off to the flat rocks in dunmore armed with feathers,german spratts and ragworm for the wrasse. By the time i was 14 i was floatfishing for big estuary mullet in the suir estuary and lure fishing for trout.  I craved heading off on fishing sessions back then and i pestered my parents to be allowed head off . Nothing much has changed paddy.



Me: How often do you fish?

SM: Probably too much. Winter cod fishing probably 2-3 times a week if i am lucky . The other 9 months its anything from 3 to 10 sessions a week. If the conditions are good in summer i would be lurefishing As long as i could safely stand.


Me: You live in one of the best areas for shore fishing in Ireland, can you tell us about the coastline down there?

SM: A great mix of estuarys, sandy beaches and rock marks it has it all in my eyes, if bass and cod are your quarry of course.The last few years i tend to fish as close to home as possible, i rarely venture past dungarvan or youghal with the odd trip up to wexford thrown in the mix.



Me: Whats the bait fishing like down there over the year?

SM: Like anywhere Paddy it can be brilliant 1 day and poor the next. I would be still trying to tempt a few cod around youghal into February. But then make the switch to the open coast after bass or whatevers biting. If the water clarity comes good at all the lure rod makes its debut. This years been great so far with water temps nice and healthy but clarity the issue at the moment.


Me: You do a lot of lure fishing for bass, how do you decide when to bait fish or use lures?

SM: Generally i would be watching the weather all the time so if we get heavy rain for a prolonged spell i leave the estuarys and go open coast. If theres a heavy surf with windy conditions i tend to go with bait. I have lure fished in heavy weather but not had much luck to be honest.

Me: Whats your setup for lure fishing for bass?

SM: At the moment i have a daiwa morethan windstorm 11ft rod rated 10g-50g paired with an okuma safina 4000 . I go through reels like breakfast rolls so this Season i am going cheap and cheerfull, easily replaced. Ive just fined down to powerpro ss8 10lb braid and no problems so far i reckon its true rating should be 20lb bs.casts great…


Me: What have been your favourite catches over the years?

SM: Thats a hard 1 to answer. I guess my most rewarding catch was back 9 years ago i was fishing for seatrout at 5am in a small river near the copper coast. All i had with me lure wise was a rusting black flying C. River seemed dead so i headed out onto the beach. A couple of casts later i got nailed by a fit 6lb bass. Next cast nailed again similar sized fish. I have not trout fished since. Other i guess respectable catches, have been some good sized cod up to and over 10lb. I had the pleasure of catching a smoothhound about 6-7lb off a beach in deepest west waterford. Plenty of large bass over the years.


11.02 bass

11.02 bass


Me: Where else in the world would you like to fish and for what species?

SM: I would love some day to get a crack at tarpon fishing in florida amazing looking and fighting fish.

Me: What will be your next session?

SM: Bait fishing a nice beach in rough conditions by the looks of it!

Painted ray

Painted ray


Me: And finally what are your fishing plans for 2014?

SM: Lure fishing through the night as much as i can manage when conditions are sweet. Myself and a few friends are entering the bass lure fishing comp this year cant wait for the craic we will have. Maybe try a few new marks come the autumn.


Me: Well thanks a million for that Sean I hope it’s a great year for ya

SM: Anytime Paddy


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