Fishing with the kids by Aidan Cox

At the start of the summer, my nephew Ryan was showing an interest in fishing so I gave him a spinning rod and reel and a few lures. Ryan has walked up and down the canal in Dublin all summer and had a few jack pike and a perch.


Jack pike on the canal

Jack pike on the canal


I was keen to encourage his interest so I offered to bring him beach fishing on Saturday for a few hours along with my son Carl and niece Erin and he was delighted.


We got to the mark at 17.00 with HW around 20.00 A heavy shower had us sheltering in the igloo shelter. First cast there was a fair bit of weed. We fished on and soon Ryan noticed a bite on the flapper rod baited with mackeral and sandeel. Ryan was soon into his first fish of the session. A nice tub gurnard came in with pictures taken Ryan was grinning ear to ear.


Ryan with his gurnard

Ryan with his gurnard

About forty mins later was a better bite and Ryan was into his next fish which turned out to be a thornback ray. He was turning out to be a great little fisherman.


We had a few sambos and more sweets and settled in hoping for more fish. They were having a great time, there were showers every now and again but in between the sun was out.

Sambos for Erin and Carl

Sambos for Erin and Carl

The next fish was a pup smoothie for Ryan which was another new species for him on the rod baited with crab. We gave it another hour or so but with Carl getting tired we decided to pack up and head home.

pup smoothie

pup smoothie

Ryan really enjoyed the trip and is looking forward to the next session already…

Ryan, Erin and Carl

Ryan, Erin and Carl

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