Shore fishing in Norway with Phill Dale

Phill Dale grew up in Yorkshire, where he honed his skills as an angler before moving to Norway a few years ago where he leads guided fishing trips for some of the best shore fishing Europe has to offer. Phill came very close to breaking the world record for ling while in Norway and like his Dad was a great angler before him  so he has it in his blood. So now over to Phill for his interview….
Phill Dale

Phill Dale

Me: What was your introduction to fishing?
PD: As many young anglers it started with crab lines in Bridlington Harbour and poaching trout from the local rivers. Joining a local fishing club is when I really got into it. The older guys starting giving me gear and taking me to other venues. I soon turned over to the salt water when I got my driving license and learned how to cast!
Phill's Dad with a massive cod from Yorkshire

Phill’s Dad with a massive cod from Yorkshire

Me: You have fished all the famous Yorkshire marks like Flamborough head, Filey brig and Holderness, can you tell us about the fishing in Yorkshire?
PD: The Yorkshire coast line is so varied thats its  no problem to fish all year, I used to love the cliff marks as much as the beaches, Filey brig was my fav and holds some fantastic fish and is fished by some very good anglers.
 Me: How did the idea to move to Norway come about?
PD: More chanced and Luck then anything. I was at Skarnsundet on holiday when the old owner (Klaas Jan) took me out on his charter boat and we got talking about work. Ill never forget it I was sat on the top of a roof in York and I decided to give Klaas a call. Two calls later my ticket was booked and I was off.
Me: Can you tell us about the shore fishing in your area of Norway?
PD: The shore fishing in Norway is not so different to the UK, apart from we have bigger and more fish. The techniques and venues are much the same. The hard part was finding all the mark. Because there is very little shore fishing in Norway I really had to just get out there and fish to learn the marks. When and how to fish them. Seven year on and Im still learning
Me: How does the fishing change over the course of the year?
PD: The fishing in Norway is very seasonal. Our shore fishing really starts in October -May. October sees more cod coming to feed closer to the shore becasue the herring shoals leave the fjord, so the cod start to feed on worms, crabs, etc- Mid winter is the best time for the cod, it seems to be the colder it gets the bigger and more cod we catch.
Fishing under the Northern lights

Fishing under the Northern lights

Me: What has been your favourite catch over the years in Yorkshire or Norway from boat or shore?
PD: I think it was the 80lb ling I caught at Skarnsundet. Just because it was almost the record and the place were I had caught had not been fished before and it took me months to catch it after losing some big lings from the same marks the weeks previous.
Almost a world record ling for Phill

Almost a world record ling for Phill

Me: What have been the highlights of the guests shore fishing in Norway?
PD: Over the past 5 years there has been many high lights but the two that stand out the most was me gaffing a guests 63lb halibut from the shore and watching my guests catch a 49.5lb cod, 48lb cod and 45lb cod from the shore. There are not many anglers that will ever see that in there lives.


63lb halibut for a guest

63lb halibut for a guest

 Me: Are the rigs and method the same as back home or do they differ in anyway?
PD: The rigs and techniques are very much the same as shore fishing in the UK, apart from we use larger hooks stronger hook snoods and thicker rig bodies. I use 18lb sensor as my main line, just the same as I did in the UK.
Me: Where in the world would you like to go on a fishing holiday?
PD: Oman would be my next fishing holiday for a GT!
Me: What are your fishing hopes for the rest of the year?
PD: For the rest of the year my fishing hopes are to really enjoy my shore fishing season, which starts in a couple of weeks. This winter I will target cod over 30lb and with crossed fingers a 50lb halibut.
Me: Well thanks Phill for your time, hope to see you out there someday
PD: No problem Paddy anytime

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