Blue Shark Cork September

One of the trips we most look forward to each year is the blue shark fishing and despite leaving it later than usual this year, Aidan and myself were soon on our way down to Kinsale Co. Cork to meet up with Mike Dennehy, Pedro Walsh and Rob Vaughan.

We got there about nine and were met by Pedro at the harbour. Mike and Rob arrived soon after and we were on our way. We stopped in one or two spots on the way to feather up some mackeral and were getting full strings straight away. Mike stuck the frying pan on for some sausages, and in with the mackeral there were also some whiting, pout and a tiny red gurnard. We headed on again and had an escort of dolphins the rest of the way out.

Plenty of these around

Plenty of these around

Rob had brought along some frozen chum blocks to get us started before mixing up some fresh for the rest of the day which turned out to be some gourmet chum! The traces were the usual 10ft of wire with a bronzed 10/0 with a lead above the trace keeping it down in the water and a balloon float.

With baits now in the water we sat back for the usual banter you get on the Silver Dawn! After only ten minutes Aidan’s rod went and after a good fight, Pedro expertly tailed the fish and the first shark of the day was aboard.


It wasn’t long too long before I got the next run and it felt good to be hooked into a blue for the first time this year. After giving a good account of itself it was brought aboard for a few photos.


By this stage Rob’s chum was working well and stretching off into the distance with many gannets, storm petrels and skuas around the boat. Rob started to feather up more mackeral but was also attracting the attention of the many garfish attracted to the slick. Every time one of the lads would catch one, the whole group of his mates would follow him up to the top only to turn away at the last minute.

image-2152a3d5417ea953e6d99596ae1aac11d97f8c558337cc58e5e51d1347f5d97d-V (1)

The only breaks in the slagging came when another ratchet would let us know the next shark was here.



It went back and forth between our rods for the day, with myself and Aidan getting ten runs with eight of them boated.




The day had flown by but soon it was time to head home but not before one last fish for Aidan. He was just putting a bait out one last time, and as he pulled a bit of line off the real to allow the float to go out further, the line was ripped through his fingers and it was fish on again. This fish gave an exceptional fight before coming aboard and was the biggest of the day.

2014-09-24 20.05.59

So we packed up and headed back into Kinsale for the drive home. I would just like to thank Mike, Pedro and Rob for the great day we had as always with the Silver Dawn crew, with Rob making the best chum slick I have ever seen thanks mate.

With the settled weather continuing for the time being why not get down to Kinsale and enjoy a days sharking with one of the best charter boats in Ireland.

You can contact the lads at



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