Dave Levy

Dave Levy is one of the top names in the carping world. Consistently catching the most sought after fish and known for fishing difficult waters, Dave has been fishing a long time and has a lifetime of experience. Sponsored by Korda, Trakker, Mainline baits, Free Spirit and Delkim we are delighted to hand things over to Dave now for the interview…

Dave and daughter Lottie

Dave and daughter Lottie

What are your first memories of fishing?

My first Memories are standing in the shallow stream that runs through Barking park in London. I was about 7 years old. I use to nick my mums tights and make a fishing nets out of them using a wire coat hanger. I would catch hundreds of stickle backs with the odd roach, not really fishing but it sparked my obsession with catching fish.

Can you tell us about your introduction to carp fishing and the first you ever caught?

I spent a good few years fishing matches and did catch a carp on my match rod once. Carp fishing fish really gripped me after getting snapped up by a carp, I started to look at stronger tackle and met like minded lads around the lake. It was just a natural progression from there really.

Dave at 14

Dave at 14

Was there any point in particular where you knew this was more than a hobby?

Yes when my First wife left me and it said on the divorce papers he went fishing to much! LOL. To be honest at 13 I became totally obsessed by carp fish and fishing and it’s now a case of; its not what I do, its who I am. Although these days I have a lot more self control and only fish one 24 hour session a week and have a better balance in my family life; Plus I can’t afford another divorce!

It's not what I do, It's who I am...

It’s not what I do, It’s who I am…

In your carping career you have fished many venues, what have been your favourites and why?

Its hard to say as so many waters have good memories. when I start fishing a water I get in to it and try to feel the sole of the place. If I had to pick one maybe Cleverly mere.

Hendrix 42.6 lb Cleverly Mere

Hendrix 42.6 lb Cleverly Mere

Over the years have your techniques changed much or are the original rules still present to this day?

Yes they have changed massively, when I look back to waters where I have struggled I now know why I struggled. I’ve learnt from mistakes and this helps me put lessons in to practice on the new waters. It probably comes from being a match angler long ago when I would change my tactics to catch certain species I now change my tactics to suit the lake bed or fishing situation. I’m always learning.

James fish 46.2 two weeks ago

James fish 46.2 two weeks ago

With Winter coming soon, can you tell us your advice for this season?

Bait will play a big part in your winter success. I use a lot more alcohol flavoured based baits as the cold water won’t effect there leakage. A lot of the shelf life baits are good winter baits due to their make up. I do still use bait in the winter and even pre bait but I drop the amounts down. where I may use a kilo or two in the summer months in the winter I’ll use much less as little as 100 baits on the same spot every few days can keep them feeding. I do tend to scale down my end tackle as well but this will depend on the size of the carp I’m fishing for.

Big leather from a huge reservoir in the 1990's

Big leather from a huge reservoir in the 1990’s

Can you tell us about the session where you caught your PB?

It’s stood a few years now and being a carp angler to point size dose matter. It was from Kevin Nash’s Copes lake. At the time I was sponsored by them. Kevin invited me to fish the night on there and within the hour i’d caught a 36lb mirror. the night past quietly and at first light I got another take this time a 45.12 mirror. I was told this was the lake record and was happy, while playing the fish it had gone through my left line so I’d took the rod off the rest, I pick the rod back up and the line was pointing in a different direction. I reeled down to find it snagged solid.

I walked a long the bank to pull at a different angle and it worked a carp started to kick, soon a huge ball of weed was sat under the rod tip with a tail sticking out the end. I jumped in the lake and ripped off the weed, soon a big mirror carp was lay there on it’s side, I picked the rod back up and a short fight resumed until I lifted the net around a bigger mirror carp then the last! We weigh that one at 50lb 12oz. Of course I was happy.  I didn’t see catching these carp as a massive achievement the lake was hardly fished and small. A bit like Big game hunting in a zoo. I’ve caught carp from some massive in land lakes that I regard as much better captures than the Nash fish but it still remains the biggest carp I’ve caught…For now.

My pb

My pb 50 lb 12oz

If you could relive any session what would it be?

Wow hard one. There have been some great days fishing and so many big fish, I’ve enjoyed catching and even seeing a mate catch a target fish can be a real Buzz. But If I could fish one day again, it would be the one day my Dad came with me, He only came a long the once when I was 11. He had promised to come carp fishing with me a few years back but it never happened as he got Cancer and fell ill too quick.  If your going to do something do it now and don’t take tomorrow for granted.

one of the best carp I've caught

one of the best carp I’ve caught

If you had not have been a carper what other branch of fishing could you have seen yourself doing?

I’d be a Pike Angler. I love the fishing for Pike and don’t seem to get enough time to go for them, I do fish for other types of fish but the carp are where my love is. Mind you if I won the lottery I travel the would catching fish of all sorts.

I don't only fish for carp

I don’t only fish for carp

And finally Dave, what are your fishing hopes for the future?

I have other carp I want to catch one of these is a massive carp well over 50lbs. I enjoy my fishing and I intend to keep doing that. I am writing a book at the a moment that’s due out in Xmas 2016. There will be loads of photos and good stories of carp from all sorts of lakes from runs waters to some of the hardest lakes in the UK. There will be a few real surprises in there, never seen in the press before.

Well Dave thanks for giving us some of your time and hope you have a great season in 2015

No problem Paddy and you too mate…

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