Monk’s pit session by Rob Coleman

IFD: Rob Coleman is a legend of Irish carping, a former Irish carp record holder and gifted angler. Rob started carp fishing in 1976 back home in the UK before he came to live in Ireland in 1989 and continued his carping. He stayed here for ten years before moving back to the UK. He is well known for his willingness to help others and has helped a lot of Irish guys on there UK trips. Rob has fished many UK venues over the years and this year is focusing on Monk’s pit where he is just back from a five night session and he was kind enough to let us know how it went…. so now over to Rob

After doing a few one and two night sessions, he time has come for a 5 night session. I have fished quite a few swims , getting to know where the spots are. Being a very weedy lake I have concentrated mostly off the edge of the worst weed and into open deeper water, although even in 16 ft of water there is still weed as the water is so clear.

My view for the session in  the better of the conditions

My view for the session in the better of the conditions

Preparation is key to a successful trip, I have tied up quite a few rigs ready to make sure I have sharp hooks for every cast. Bait is ready with a mix of boilies, pellets and particles, I like to be prepared for every situation. I have lots of leads ( I mould them myself ) as it’s very weedy I want to dump the lead on every take to make the fish come up in the water in the fight to try and keep them away from too much weed.

Snowman rigs used

Snowman rigs used

The best option for me is to arrive at the lake at first light and spend a few hours walking round and watching the water for signs of fish. I have done this quite a few times and has paid off for me.

Arriving at the lake at first light, it was flat calm with a mist rolling across the lake. Not the best conditions to spot fish. Talking to the anglers who done the night found out that things are a bit slow with no fish out that night. I stood in a central part of the lake watching the water for an hour or so and seen a few fish showing in the centre of the lake in a big weed bed,  so I decide on a swim where I can fish up to it. Casting towards it I find two clear spots at 22 wraps ( 88 yards ) where I cast out two snowman with 15mm bottom baits with 12mm pop ups then spomb out about 2kg of boilies and pellets. The 3rd rod I find a little spot about 30 yards to my left which I place a pop up on with a scattering of boilies around it.

Just in time as the wind picks up coming from the North East straight into my face, bringing the rain with it. The rain is relentless it carries on all day and through the night, I get no action on the rods, so in the morning I recast all 3 rods back onto the spots but don’t put any more bait out, as I feel there is still bait out there and don’t  think the fish are feeding heavily. At the moment I am fishing for a bite and think if I pile the bait in it could spoil my chances.

The rain and wind carries on all day, then around 5.30 in the afternoon I get a couple of bleeps from my middle rod ( I’m fishing locked up as I’m against the weed ) I go out and lift into a solid resistance, the rain is still coming down into my face as I play the heavy feeling carp which finds a couple of small weed beds but doesn’t give me too much trouble and I guide  it into the waiting net. Looking down I see a very large carp. Unhooking the fish and placing it in the sling and putting it on the scales it pulls the needle round to 43lb 12oz, ( my second 40 on this water since joining in April this year ). After the photo’s I slip it back to its watery  home, then put on a new rig with fresh bait and cast it out back on the spot with a couple of spombs of bait over the top ready for the night.

47lb 12oz mirror

43lb 12oz mirror


The night and next day pass without any action, the conditions are against me with the North East winds. I put some more bait out ready for the night, and looking at the forecast I see the wind is swinging round to a southerly the next morning so want a bit of bait ready for the better conditions.

The next morning the forecast is right, I’m up at first light watching the water for signs of fish. I see  a couple of fish roll over my two spots out by the weed, expecting something to happen, and sure enough around 9.30am my right hand rod is away, lifting into it I feel another solid resistance, I see a swirl over my spot, knowing my lead has been dumped on the take, I hoping this will keep the fish up in the water avoiding the weed beds growing up from the bottom. The fish is powerful going on a few runs and collecting some weed on its way which slides down over the fishes head calming it down allowing me to guid it into the waiting net. Clearing the weed from around the fish I see a good sized mirror, on the scales she goes 37lb 8oz. With no one around I do some self take photos and slip her back into the water and she swims away strongly. I place on a new rig with fresh bait and get it back out on the spot, I don’t put any bait out in case there is a few fish out there.

37lb 8oz

37lb 8oz


Nothing happens by mid day so decide to top up the baited spots hoping to intercept the fish as they patrol along the weed. Try as much as I can including zigs no more bites come my way. Happily I pack up very pleased with my session, with two lovely fish under my belt.

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