Lake Chira, Gran Canaria by Andy Doyle

Chira was a lake I always had in my mind to do a trip for a bit of both worlds really sun beach and points. Then you have wild carp fishing at it’s best. Word of mouth and I knew a few lads that done day trips on the lake but I had told my self if I go up that mountain it’s for a few day session and so it began. One night I realised that Easter this year was in April and my wife gets Easter holidays from school alarm bells started to ring to that hamster inside me head. We talked about France but would be to cold so on so on. Right Gran Canaria it is, give me that lap top I’m booking the flights.

Lake Chira

Lake Chira

That flight was about 4 hours no time difference between us.  I had  a car booked for us picked it up only cost €100 for a week. Dave Beecham had given me directions from when I walked off the plane to the lake and in fairness they were spot on. Stopped off at super market on way up mountain because once you go up there you don’t want to leave. We had an apartment over looking lake which was spot on with full kitchen so cooking was a pleasure.

photo 4

It took about an hour from airport to the lake but it’s no easy spin, lucky to get out of second gear on the way up bendy windy twisty shear drops of 1000 feet at edge of the road but it was worth every bit of it.

photo 2 (1)


photo 3

When we got there it was dark so I couldn’t see much but I could see moon reflection off water, CARPY was what I said. I packed away my car load, sat out on deck all my tackle was there so I started to set up rods, alarms on pods the norm I tied a few rigs and of course a few beers and took it all in.

photo 3 (1)


photo 1


photo 5 (1)

I rang the “ROCK STAR” Dave Beecham himself he was on far side of lake doing an over nighter with 2 young lads. He said what time do I want to get started at I said first light of course. I got the head down but not much shut eye in fairness. I got up about half 6 shuck the kettle on opened the door and there he was. All right mate please to meet you. He was soaked with dew he as slept under the stars. I gave him a proper cup of tea none if that English crap lol Lyons tea bags…

photo 4 (1)

photo 5

photo 4 (2)

He had my bivvy and boat set up down the path to the lake. He asked if I wanted to do nights, I said to him what ya think? You don’t need to mate just fish days it’s enough.


photo 2

photo 3 (2)

He was right I done 4 full days first light into dark and had over 30 runs landing 30 of them biggest been 34’4 flowed by few 28’s fish were mint ripping runs screamers 2 rods going together.  rods going and me only rowing back into the bank. I never fished a place like it and I hope to get back next Easter. If any one is think about it all I can say is DO IT!!!!!!

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