Winter cod and painted ray

A hastily arranged trip came, Me and Joe White were finally getting out fishing. Unfortunately Aidan Cox couldn’t make this one so just after five pm Joe dropped into me and we were on the road for half five after picking up some quality crab from

The journey down was spent in silence as the wind and rain blowing mad outside made us think were we gonna get to fish at all. Thanks god but the closer we got the more the weather calmed.

We got to the mark with time to spare, which was just as handy as I opened my large rig winder box to find nothing in it… great i’ll get tying so. With Joe’s box depleted as well, he was very kind to throw me a rig for my second rod after I had managed to get one together.

From the first cast Both Joe and myself had codling. The rigs were coming back weed free too which is always a bonus.  One rod would go then as you were unhooking and baiting up to cast the other would go.




One after one, each crab got snaffled by a codling. We would take a quick pic and return the fish.



one eyed cod

We were happily going along when Joe’s rod got a fairly timid bite. Bending into this fish however was something much more decent. Joe expertly played the fish in and soon a good ray was on the surface.  Absolutely over the moon, we got the fish on the scales to show it to be 10lb 3oz. With the fish safely released and baits renewed, we were off again.

10lb 3oz painted ray

10lb 3oz painted ray

More codling and the odd dogfish kept the rod tips nodding before bang, Joe was into another decent fish and it was obvious another ray had took the crab bait. Once again Joe quickly had it in and a quick weigh and photo it was on its was, this time a bit smaller at 6lb 5oz



Next I got a cracker of a bite as the rod went mental. I got the fish in and it turned out to be a fine male fish of 8lb, which was not happy to have been caught. All the while Joe was banging in the cod and they were showing no signs of slowing.

8lb male for me

8lb male for me

Joe’s rod went again and this time the rod bent double as it used the tide to it’s advantage but with Joe taking care the fish was soon in and this time the best fish of the night a 10lb 9oz painted ray.

10lb 9oz

10lb 9oz

We had codling up to three and four pound, three painted ray for Joe including two specimens and an 8lb male for me.

image-5c6dc6ed5290fa7e0f69daf13da3500449a1f1131e1c976ce6061a57ae05ef6d-V (1)

With the best of the tide gone we packed up and made our way home back to Dublin. It had been a good session but now some sleep was needed…


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We are three anglers who enjoy all aspects of fishing. Whether we are blanking or catching were happiest on the bank or shore. If you like your fishing join us by watching our many trips and as we interview some top anglers along the way.....
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