November pike

Aidan, Joe and myself set off this morning for a short day session to blow the cobwebs off the pike gear. We got to the mark and set up with me and Aidan to the left and Joe  150m to the right. After a quick look around we started to get set up. I hadn’t opened my pike bag in nearly twelve months so half the shit was missing of course.

Joe White

Joe White

The baits for today were lamprey, mackeral and bluey. We got the kettle on and were soon putting the world to rights with a cup of tea and biscuit in hand. It was fairly slow to start with before finally my rod went which turned out to be a jack of 8lb.

First pike of the day 8lb

First pike of the day 8lb

It was good to hear a beeps from a bite alarm no matter what size. So with another bait out I got back to the bivvy and Aidan was making sausages.


When the sausages were done, we looked down the bank to see no sign of Joe. The smell coming from the pan was gorgeous we sat there having one or two before looking back down for Joe and he was into a fish, which turned out to be the best of the day for 13lb 5oz.

13lb 5oz

13lb 5oz

Joe followed us up and we finished off the food washed down by more tea before he headed back down. Me and Aidan baited up again and got ready for the wait. It wasn’t too long before Aidan’s left hand rod went and he was into a fish.




At this stage we had just an hour or so of light left so although running out of time we hoped we might get one more before then.


Aidans rod went again and he was into the final fish of the day this one on the lamprey. We had caught on each of the baits as it turned out, and although no big fish were caught we had a great time and were glad to be back piking…




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