Carping in the Canaries with Dave Beecham

IFD: If you are thinking of getting away for some sunshine this winter with amazing potential for carp fishing, then look no further. The Canary islands are already a hugely popular tourist destination for Irish holiday makers, so whether you are on a family holiday and only have limited time for fishing or you want a full blown bivvy session for a week or more it’s all there.

To make the most of your fishing, you are going to need some help, and in comes Dave Beecham and his wife Alison who run they can offer a package to suit any anglers needs.

Dave’s knowledge of carping in the Canaries is unrivaled and goes back almost thrity years. Having previously done an interview with Dave a few months back, I wanted to give a bit more detail on Lake Chira and the other venues in the Canaries, and of course Dave and Alison were only too happy to oblige, so they will take up the story from here….

Dave with some very happy guests

Dave with some very happy guests

Lake Chira is normally 170 acres when completeley full at the moment it is at about 120 acres which is still a large amount of water and as we have been having the rainfall in the mountains ,water is coming in all the time,still fantastic fishing.

chira 11

This is wild fishing,and government owned water so there are no made up swims. We have the whole of the bank on one part of the lake on our legal camping area near the dam wall and also at the back of the lake we have our lakeside apartments and a villa with heated pool that sleeps up o 6 persons and the fishing area is about a 5 min walk away. We do advise all our clients to rent a car (Jure rent a car) from the airport as you are about 1hr 20 mins drive through the mountains as you can visit a supermarket on the coast on your way and this will give you the freedom to come and go as you please and to access all fishing areas. If they do not want to drive and then they can leave it to us and we can arrange the transfers. This is great for families or of you are coming with your partner as you may want to go out for the day at the beach!

A gorgeous scaley mirror

A gorgeous scaley mirror for one of Dave’s guests

chira 7

The carp fishing is for all level of angler and fishing is all year round and they go to 50lb in Lake Chira, but this carp has not been seen for a couple of years, there are 100s of scaley carp,mirror and common carp of 20s, 30s, upper 30s and some 40s. Average 20lb…. and most days we have upper 20s and 30s!!


As our apartments are of a high standard and all come with fully fitted kitchens including oven,microwave,toaster,kettle and bbq area it is based on self-catering,but we can arrange for your meals to be cooked at your apartment (4 or more perons) or take an evening meal at our Spanish friends restaurant in the village and try out some of her amazing Paella!!You have so many bars and restaurants 15/20 mins drive away .



We are also offering bass fishing day trips and for the holidays.Fly/lure fishing for the great black mouthed bass. (in process)

chira 4

There are other lakes on the island where Dave had his 55lb 2oz common carp from a couple of years ago,which has become difficult to fish as its a nature reserve,  but people still do,but you do need to get authority first and there are several other lakes where you can fly and survive and fish these as there are many carp all over the island.

Dave with Canary Islands record common 55lb 2oz

Dave with Canary Islands record common 55lb 2oz

Gomera is our big fish venue with carp so far to 64lb,you can see this lake on the dvd on the website.Another beautiful hard lake,only 4 persons per week and holidays only for 1 week available for here. You need an apartment for cooking,showers,wc etc which is an 8 min walk away and opposite these there is a bar/restaurant where you can arrange food and drinks.You fly to Tenerife and then a ferry from Los Cristianos over to Gomera and book as foot passengers,we can either meet you at the airport or ferry port and we can either include your transfers to the lake or you can rent a car at the port.

La Gomera

La Gomera

La Gomera is for the hardened angler and the carp hunter not recommend for families .

We have an offer on Gran Canaria fro 4 anglers or more we offer the apartment for free for the week,1st 15 kilos of particle all bottled drinking water and transfers if required. Gomera we supply everything as we do on Gran Canaria but we include transfers,50 kilos of particle and a guide for the 1st 3 days.

chira 8

38lb mirror for Dave

38lb mirror for Dave

Gomera is like going back in time, really Jurassic, a small lake in the mountains but stunning in scenery and the fish!

Daves mate Alan Blair from Nash tackle

Daves mate Alan Blair from Nash tackle

We use clip,safety rubber and lead weight and hook link or a simple inline lead rig, no need for tubing or lead core and the same for Gomera. Our next big thing is Frank Warwick will be over here in Jan and Gomera and he will be running guided trips to both islands with ourselves. Plus we are working with a charity for the homeless etc doing an event to raise money for them for food and clothes, so all local companies,fisherman etc to get on board.

chira 6

We are extremely busy at the moment with the day trips and Holidays every month as we are a great winter destination as the rest of Europe is cooler we have all year round 80 degrees temperature great for the fishing and everyone!!

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We are three anglers who enjoy all aspects of fishing. Whether we are blanking or catching were happiest on the bank or shore. If you like your fishing join us by watching our many trips and as we interview some top anglers along the way.....
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  1. Karl underwood says:

    Hi Dave can you contact me about a carp fishing holiday thanks

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