Angling on the Iveragh peninsula By Kevin Brain- a review

kevins book

The Iveragh peninsula in county Kerry is one of the best shore angling destinations in Ireland, yet despite this, still very little information is available about the fishing in the area. Have a look on the internet and you will see the fisheries board map of the Ring of Kerry, with a list of species for 14 marks, but after that knowledge is fairly sparse considering the potential.

Kevin Brain has been fishing the area since 1982, and moved over with his family in 2000 as he loved the fishing down there so much. Kevin now offers visiting anglers shore and kayak angling and salmon and sea trout guiding besides a whole host of other services available including fresh bait.

This is a review of Kevin’s second book on shore angling, Angling on the Iveragh peninsula. The book is 86 pages and of A5 format. It is well illustrated with colour photographs of many local catches and many recognizable faces from the Irish fishing scene.

The book starts off with a background on Kevin’s fishing history and achievements and a safety message from the Valentia coast guard. There are tips on catching bass and details of 41 shore marks that Kevin has found to be the most productive. It covers many beach, rock and harbour marks for a variety of species from pollock, wrasse and conger to bull huss, rays and triggerfish. There are also many marks listed for bass fishing and also the superb mullet fishing that is on offer. This is still a relatively unknown area for shore fishing in Ireland, with most previous anglers focusing on the rich salmon and sea trout fishing.

There is a short section on the salmon and sea trout covered in the book and an insight into the kayak angling enjoyed by guests. There are several more stories including hooking live sandeel which Kevin can provide in season for bass fishing, to soft plastic fishing and a tribute to Clive Gammon. Mike Thrussell also provides a feature on a beach’s secrets and there is a guide to accomadation in the area.

All in all a great read and I’ll be looking forward to Kevin’s future updates as the list of shore marks become better known on the peninsula.


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