Jason Summers

IFD: Jason Summers is one of the top tench anglers in the country, His love for tench started as a child and he will tell you himself how he is still as passionate as ever. It’s anglers like Jason that concentrate on a particular species are the ones to continually find the biggest fish and push back the boundaries.

So over to Jason now for his interview…..



What were your earliest memories of fishing?

My earliest memories of fishing was when I was 7 years old and wanting to catch anything that swam. I collected angling times and this had me crazy, I remember staring at those
huge fish and longed to catch them, couldn’t sleep some nights, somethings never change!

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Can you tell us about catching your first tench?

My first tench came when I was 10 yrs old, I caught it on a float rig set deep and it was and still is, my smallest tench to date but the lasting impression on me was huge. I fell in love there and then, it weighed for the record 8oz!!!

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You used to fish all summer long in those early years, can you tell us about those summers?

Fishing and tench became an obsession from then on in and every available opportunity was spent bankside, started in just mornings and evenings then it became apparent that I just was safer staying! My parents used to come looking for me because they never saw me from one end of the week to another, I was totally obessesd with tench and caught hundreds each summer on float fished corn or breadflake,we had them to 5lb 14oz, I remember one particular session where my mate and I fished side by side, I had 36 big females and he had just 2 small males, he left and never returned, inbetween the tenching we caught some cracking fish including 4lb+eels, 20lb+pike and specimen bream on floatfished bread where the ducks used to be fed, they where happy happy days!


What is your PB tench and can you tell us about that session?

My p.b tench means a lot to me and I have 2 fish at 8lb 5oz , I reckon one was heavier but didn’t weigh her straight away, the first  stands out to me as tactically I made a few adjustments with feed and rigs and after two days blanking I had a 7lb 15oz female, 8lb 5oz female, 7lb 12oz female and 6lb 3oz male the next morning, that was in June 2000 and I was in shock for weeks but being the greedy bugger I was I thought I would catch more!!! The second was also a tactical capture deciding to go for it I put in 5 kilos of bait and fished both rods over it and at 5 30 next morn it ripped off and was a joint p.b EmojiEmoji But I will beat that soon!!

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You also love your bream fishing, can you tell us about your favourite bream session?

Bream and particularly Monalty bream where a mini obsession of mine and I remember writing to Brendan Doran at the time asking him for his advice, 1996 I think, and very kindly he replied and off I went. I done 4 long sessions altogether but the one that stands out was a early April 7 day session when everything went to plan. Fishing maggots at 100yards I was getting two to three bites per morning with the bobbin dropping to the floor during the misty cool early hours, bites came quickly during a small feeding window and they were big fish with 3 doubles to 10lb 15oz, 7 nines and 5 eights plus a 6lb 10 rudd\bream hybrid, 5lb 10 rudd\bream hybrid and two tench, In all I had 10 doubles off Monalty in that time and loved every minute of it, big bream are beautiful creatures and although I’ve had bigger fish since Monalty will always stand out as my best bream days

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How has the bream fishing changed over the years?

Bream fishing has changed a lot since them days and everything has become very modern with heavier test curve rods, big reels and now with the domination of the method feeder and bolt rig, bream fishing like a lot of tench fishing is really scaled down carp fishing but when applied correctly in the right place at the right time it can be devastating and most big fish are caught like this now, I remember ledgering with openended feeders and the likes but they can’t compare with the modern style and believe me some places you may only get a few bites and this is when the conversion rate of hooked fish comes in and you will be glad you have 2ozs plus on the end!

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Your PB roach is 3lb 1oz, have you any advice for trying to pick put the bigger roach?

Big roach fascinate me and always will, they are a beautiful majestic creature and I still remember an article I kept by Dave Will at the time about still water big roach fishing, It lit my imagination up no end I spent countless hours looking for true roach which I caught till  3lbs+ at the time, mostly on bolt rigged maggot feeders, the most important element is the venue, it must have a history or stock of target fish or you will tare your hair out,once located a correctly applied maggot feeder attack takes some beating with a little hemp and you can also play around with flavourings which big roach seem to like, location location location though!!

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What advice would you give to someone who wanted to catch more bream and tench?

Advice would be to read and  research as much as you can on tactics and your target fish and pick venues that are easy and comfortable to start with, there’s no excuses anymore for not researching given all the media outlets available,you could join a dedicated club like the tenchfishers, fish at the right times as most bright days are not suitable for bream or tench and that could mean early morning or evening sessions or a night session, small rule which applies still to most but not all is in close for tench and long for bream which is usually 30yards plus,learn to fish with two rods over a bed of bait at range be it either maggots or method mix,fish accurateley, and don’t neglect the float for tench which puts the fun back into fishing esp during short sessions.


What would be your dream Irish fish?

Easy one this,10lb plus irish tinca!!!!! But I have caught some dreamfish already so this would be a bonus!


What are your plans for the coming season?

Plans for the coming season are to target early season spring tench,big hits can be had in spring,then its on to target the big females until I’ve had enough and then I want some big rudd I’ve been watching then autumn big bream….


Well thanks for talking to us Jason and hope you have a great year

Anytime Lads happy New Year

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