39lb 12oz pike Gerard Smyth

IFD: Last Friday, Gerard Smyth of the Leinster pike angling club went out for a few hours of pike fishing and had no idea he was about to catch the biggest river pike caught in Ireland since the 1960’s!

To book a day out guided fishing with Gerard you can contact him here www.facebook.com/Border.Fishing.Guides

So here is Gerard with what happened that day… 

The day started off no different to any other, I got a few free hours in the afternoon so I made a plan to do some piking. First off I went to one of my marks, fished it but with nothing happening I decided that I would move to try somewhere else. I’ve had a few fish off it, but it’s still a relatively new mark for me.

I threw out the anchor, then got the bait in the water and started working the lure rod. After half an hour without a touch, I upped anchor and decided to do some drifting. With the drift set up I was fishing in 10ft of water and started working the lure rod. I was fishing with a small shad. I was now in about 19ft of water when the rod just went bang and for a moment I thought I had snagged the bottom, before the rod started going with me doing my best to hang on. She came up and tail walked so I had to drop the rod tip before she went right down again. Although I had got a glimpse of her and knew she was big I hadn’t time to comprehend size as I was locked in the fight. After what seemed like ages the fish finally came to the side of the boat where she tried to jump again, but thankfully I got her under control enough to get the net under.


To say I was relieved was an understatement, so I had a fag and let her recover in the net before I lifted her into the boat. She looked big, but it wasn’t till I lay her out on the mat that she just seemed to spread out, she was huge! I got the scales and she weighed 39lb 12oz my personal best pike!


She was really well behaved in the boat and as I lifted her for some photos she was like a well mannered child. I got her back in the water and she swam off strongly. What had just happened had seemed like a blur so I sat down had another fag and tried to let it all sink in. I made a few phone calls to friends, then sat back for about fifteen minutes. Normally I would fish on, but after this I just packed up and went home and saw it was already getting a lot of internet coverage. It was a day I’ll never forget.



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