Anker Astro Pro2

While not being able to get out fishing much lately, I decided to get a much needed battery for charging our phones while on longer trips away from home.

Whether we like it or not smart phones have become a way of life for many and have many uses in fishing from recording your capture to using your GPS to navigate the maze of pot-holed back roads to some of the fishing marks around Ireland.

So whether you use it to listen to music while watching your beach rods or depend on it for your alarm to get you of the bivvy nice and early while tench fishing, you may find yourself trying to conserve the battery just in case you catch something good and have no battery left.

With this in mind I started looking over the internet at the different options I could find. I looked at several but few seemed to tick all the boxes. There was some nice compact and light models around but didn’t have much output, or the ones with a good output but were several kilos in weight.

Then I came across the Anker Astro Pro2 20000 mAh on Amazon and it seemed to fit the bill. I ordered one for £59 STG and I opted for the free delivery which stated it would take up to two weeks to arrive. Just two days later it arrived. It’s a relatively small unit, roughly the same as a DVD case, with a polished silver finish and it weighs in around 500g. It comes with a host of leads and adapters to fit most makes of phone and also for laptops and tablets and a soft grey pouch to keep these in.


It has a USB outlet and also a DC output which can be set to three voltage levels to suit your devices. It also has five small lights on the front to show you how much power you have left.

It takes about three hours to charge fully, and for that I was able to charge a Samsung S6 for six and a half days and taking two hours to fully charge the phone. Overall I was very impressed with it as it will take up very little space or more importantly weight in my bag when I go on longer sessions.

So I have to say I’m happy with my purchase and would happily recommend.

If anyone else has any recommendations for power units please feel free to contact us…


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