Blue shark mayhem from our kayaks, with Sea Angling by Graham Smith

Yes we done it again. After a small amount of organising on our part we got the word that Tuesday would be our best chance to hit the water for some blue sharks with our kayaks.
I was on holidays in Kerry then so I didn’t have far to travel, but Brian and Mike where coming all the way from Belfast,
Thankfully for us Tom Collins, one of Irelands top charter skippers had ruby duby already organised.
So all we had to do was turn up and catch some bait.

Tuesday 3am.
As we where to meet at Reen pier at 6am I had planned to get up at 3am.
So up and out the door in loads of time for the long run down.
I arrived to meet the lads camped out in the village and we where all like a bunch of kids at Christmas raring to get out there.
On we went to Reen pier and we where met by a lively otter having a good feed on the small fish near the pier.
Soon after Tom arrived with his beast of a boat the Loch Iasc. You will see her in the video below, she is a great boat for angling.

Mackerel time.
In no time we had the kayaks loaded and it was easy enough to load, no big deal, then out we went for some fresh mackerel. They where not plenty full but we got enough and where treated to some Minki whales, porpoises, reseise dolphins hammering sandeels as we fished.

So enough bait was got and out we steamed some 18 miles off shore in search of some blue shark.
It’s a long way out but by the time we finished chatting and rigging the kayaks we where there.
I was busting to get a float so I was in the drysuit and ready to launch before we stopped so as soon as we stopped I was away.
Mike was a little apprehensive about hopping on a kayak in shark infested waters, but the angler in him got the better of him and he was on the water 5 mins later.DSCF4202

The wait.
The chum was out, our lines where down and the wait was on.
The chum slick filled the water all around us and for a good distance out as we drifted but all was quiet for at least an hour. Then Brian’s float started to go like a pike take, up the float came lay flat then bobbled about just before it took off across the water.
Brian struck hard and set the hook and away he went being tow across the water, the sleigh ride was on.DSCF4209

He had a great fight and up she came, but she was not ready yet and as Brian had the trace in his hand he went to grab the shark, it kicked hard and took off wrapping his line around the rings and breaking his line. No trophy photo but a caught shark none the less.

With hopes on and all hands on red alert for the next hit we had another wait of about an hour before the next shark came. This shark took Mikes quiet gently and messed with it, but after it began to take off Mike struck and tried to set the hook. But it pulled free after less than a second.
Not convinced it was off we where encouraging him to reel like mad in case it was running to him.
But no, it was off as Mike could see his bait coming just under the surface and about 10ft in front of his kayak the shark charged at his kayak snapping at his bait.
Mike let it sit and the shark bashed under his kayak trying to get his bait all the while Mike was squealing “HE HAS MY BAIT IN HIS MOUTH”.
I was about 20 yards from him and I could hear the shark bashing under his kayak, snatching at the bait.
With that the shark stopped and Mike shouted where was it.
I could still see its tail up the other side of the kayak, and what could I say but, IT’S BEHIND YOU.
It was hilarious. About the longest 2 second ever the shark took off pouring line from Mike’s reel.DSCF4211That shark could fight hard and towed him all over the place. The shark fought hard for a good 25mins until the beast was subdued.
As promised I took the sharp end of the shark and we hauled Mike’s fine shark across the 2 kayaks for a classic trophy pic that you don’t expect to come from Irish waters. A fine shark of at least 80lb.DSCF4224Well done that man, a superb catch.Back she went after a quick picture, and one unbelievable moment in Mike’s angling history. Again we lined up like the starting grid of an F1 track.

Waiting for something to happen. About 30mins later a splash on the surface and every gull taking off like a shot was the work of a lively blue. It dived quickly and grabbed Brian’s bait. A good scrap ensued and Brian snagged this small blue. Small but great to see another in.DSCF4243Quick pics, and back again the day was getting on and I was wondering if I would get a chance at all. But with that again a shark splashed on top, not very big but She was heading my way.

I pulled my line quickly to rise my bait up and as I did it launched itself at my float.
I couldn’t believe it.
I pulled the line again and brought the bait closer and she nailed the bait then.
Hook set, I was finally into a shark no beast but a great fighter. I was into my own sleigh ride.
All going well and 5 mins in the shark was starting to come up and BUMP, Slack line the shark was gone.
Just as well the lads where close or I may have cried lol.
I was starting to give up hope as another shark appeared. Again I pulled the line and she hit the float, but also found the bait. The hook was set and a brilliant fight seen me being towed away from the boat at a good rate..
And as I went , what happened a bigger shark zoomed in at my shark. I thought it was going to attack my shark but it ended up more interested in my float and my waterwolf camera. She nearly ate it along with a small teaser bait that was tied to it.
I shouted to the lads but they where in a double hook up which turned out to be the same shark. Mikes line broke and Brian landed it.
The lads where hooked up and trying to clear the spare line so I was on my won for this fish.
No biggie as it was around 40lb and not to bad to handle. She is on the video below.
The sharks where hoting up and after my shark was unhooked I headed back for the chum trail, trolling a mackerel to see if the bigger shark would turn up.
But I didn’t see her if she was there.
Back in the slick
We where all set for the last of our chance of another shark. Mike had a fine fish under his belt and I had 1 small one and Mike had 3 , two small ones and another in the 50lb plus bracket.
So the pressure was on and I was chopping my old baits up and throwing them in when my float started to off across the water.
A light hearted take and the float wobbled across the top.
I struck again and it seemed a small shark a short run and started to come.
She was no tiddler, she took one glimpse at the kayak and took off like a steam train.
She fought very hard and at times I wondered if I would see the shark at all.
But eventually up she came and stopped about 15ft below me towing me along, Brian held my kayak for some extra drag but it made no difference to her.
So a few nerve racking moments and some serious heaving, up she came.
I was delighted. a nice shark of about 80lb.
As always she fought hard at the side of the kayak and tested us.
Mike came along side to get a nice double trophy pic that.
So from the start of the day Mike was apprehensive about the sharp end and by the end of the day I had him holding the toothy end of the shark.
So with that we finished the day one bunch of  happy kayak anglers.
A lot of lads ask what we are using, so here is what I had.
Rod was a Sonik SK5 20to30lb class.
Reel was a shimano tld15.
Line 50lb braid to a 400lb mono leader from Alain Storey.
Then 1.5M of 400lb wire to a 10/0 O’shaugassey hook.
Dry suit Typhoon ps220
Kayak Prowler Trident13
A big thanks to Tom Collins of Sea Angling Charters who took us out and no doubt we will be back out with him soon.
Video below I hope you’s enjoy it.

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We are three anglers who enjoy all aspects of fishing. Whether we are blanking or catching were happiest on the bank or shore. If you like your fishing join us by watching our many trips and as we interview some top anglers along the way.....
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