Light Rock Fishing by James Brennan

Light Rock Fishing also known as LRF, has become a craze that is sweeping across the nation. Light Rock Fishing originated in Japan many years ago. This technique is mainly used for fishing for Mebaru (Wrasse) and Aji (Scad). In this article I will be covering the tackle associated with Light Rock Fishing and the basic techniques.

Ultra light rods that have a casting weight 1-7 Grams and Minature fixed spool reels 1000 – 2500 is the largest you should use. You can use larger if you want but you will not have a balanced outfit. There are some great Light Rock Fishing  lures on the market such as the Marukyu Power Isome (Ragworm imitation) to the brilliant  Berkley Gulp Range ( Fish , Ragworm , Lugworm , Fish Fry imitation baits). These lures I have just mentioned are Scented Lures. The Marukyu Power Isome is infused with Amino acids which is the same chemical found in live ragworm. Now you might be a bit sceptical of Scented lures in such a large volume of water. But the results really speak for themselves. I have caught from the smallest Sand Goby to 4 pound Ballan Wrasse on my favourite Light Rock Fishing lure the truly brilliant Marukyu Power Isome.


Here is a picture of my favourite Light Rock Fishing species, the Ultimate Predator the Long Spined Scorpion Fish.

Rods: Unlike most styles of fishing Light Rock Fishing rods have to be very specific. These rods are extremely light and have a very fast action. These Light Rock Fishing rods have a maximum casting weight of 1-7 grams this is the maximun you should push the rod to without endangering breaking it. These rods can range from the €30 Hto RockFish ul to the €600 Tenryu Lunakia. Hto has been developing some great quality Light Rock Fishing Rods from the beginning an example of this is the extremely populat Rockfish Ul. They make one of my favourite Light Rock Fishing rods. The incredible value for money HTO RockFish 73 this rod is 7 foot 3 inches with a casting rate of 1-8 grams. If you are in the market for a Light Rock Fishing rod or  are a beginner starting out I thoroughly reccomend the HTO range.

Reels: LRF reels also have to be very specific there is no point using a Ultra Light rod and matching it with a 5000 size reel it defeats the purpose of the light gear. A more appropriate sized reel would be a 1000 – 2500 this will hold plenty of Braid/Fluorocarbon for any Light Rock Fishing situation. They are some real bargains to be had on Light Rock Fishing reels some of my favourite brands include Grauvell, Daiwa and Shimano. If you are looking for a inexpensive Light Rock Fishing reel I would recommend the Fishzone Daytona ZF15  which can be bought for €35.

image1 (1)

Lures: The lures associated with Light Rock Fishing are generally 0.5 of an inch to a maximum of 3 inches. These lures come in all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes. These lures hage mainly originated from Japan and were tested on the Channel Islands by some Light Rock fishing aficinados. They can come in scented such as the Marukyu Power Isome and also come in unscented versions such as the Eco Gear Grass minnow. There is such a wide variety of Light Rock Fishing Lures available but i tend to stick to the tried and tested the Pin – Tails , Whip – Tails , Creature Baits , Ragworm Imitations right through to the simple Shad. These lures can be rigged in countless ways such as the Drop shot , Straight Jig head , Texas Rigged , Carolina Rigged all the through to the Simple but extremely effective Split Shot rig.

image1 (2)

This is the conclusion to my article i would like to mention i have a FaceBook page  – Lrf Ireland and my Blog – . I would also like to give a huge thanks to Paddy Keogh for allowing me to write this article. Tight lines James Brennan.

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