Kilmore Quay by James Brennan

Kilmore Quay is a medium sized harbour situated in the sunny south east of Ireland. This particular harbour holds a wide variety of terrain from silt to the roughest ground. There is a wide variety of species available in this harbour from the smallest Sand Goby located on the pontoon under the Harbour masters office to the mighty Ballan wrasse located on the rough ground on the seaward side of the harbour wall. This beautiful little harbour is a mecca for Light – Gamers of all skill levels there is something for everyone whether you enjoy targeting Mini – Species on ultra light gear or whether you enjoy targeting larger species such as Ballan Wrasse , Thick Lipped Mullet and Pollack on Lrf gear.

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Kilmore Quay, Co.Wexford

The Slipway 
This is my favourite area to Light Game due to the sheer variety of species I have caught 13 species from this small area over the past 2 years. From Whiting to Grey Gurnards the slip holds a wide variety of Mini – Species. Albeit small this slipway is the perfect habitat for Mini – Species the vertical harbour wall covered in sea weed of all shapes and sizes is a sanctuary for small fish to infringe themselves in to hide from predators. I would suggest fishing the section closest to the foot path this area is snaggy due to the long strands of bladder wrack and stones. Albeit snaggy in my opinion its worth loosing a few sets of gear for some truly excellent fishing for Black Gobies , Sand Gobies Rock Gobies and some rather large Scorpion Fish. If you despise loosing tackle I suggest you walk half way down the slipway and fish very close to the wall where you will still pick up various Mini – Species. I have found through trial and error that scented lures seem to work beeter here opposed to there unscented lures. Try keep lures under 2 inches in length as the fish here are small. I have found that either the Split – Shot rig or the Drop – Shot rig works well with hook sizes from 12 -16 for the mini species and size 20 – 26 for Sand Gobies.

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The Slipway

The Ice – Plant
Situated on the pier wing closest to the swimming beach this area is a hot water outlet and attracts a few strange species not found on other marks in Kilmore Quay. I have had 8 species from the rocks at the back of the ice plant from Herring to Sand Smelt. My favourite mark is inside the Marina just where the pier starts before the Ice Plant. This particular corner gives access to 15 feet of water at High Water and is a mixed ground bottom. I have had 6 species from this corner over the past 2 years from Scorpion Fish to Aji (Scad). In comparison to the Slip Way all manner of lures seem to work in and around the Ice Plant. In summer i tend to use a selection of Ragworm imitations such as the Marukyu Power Isome and the Berkley Gulp Sandworm in a variety of colurs. I tend to keep use these lures in sections ranging from 1 centimetre for Sand Gobies to 2 Inches for the larger species such as Corkwing Wrasse. During the winter this particular spot becomes alive with Herring of all sizes. During the winter while I am fishing Light – Game Herring during darkness i tend to go straight for a Illuminous Paddletail such as the Eco – Gear Grass Minnow in its smallest size available in a bright illuminescent colour.


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1 Response to Kilmore Quay by James Brennan

  1. mick morgan says:

    Thanks for all your info on the harbour as I only regarded it as boat venue you have opened my eyes to what is down there and now I will have a much different approach to fishing there in the future and well done.

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