The Beara 2015 Season by Paul Harris

IFD: The Beara peninsula in South West Ireland must surely rank as some of the best shore fishing we have to offer in this country. It is still relatively unexplored and is the wild west of fishing.

Paul Harris has played a vital role in exploring this area, and together with his wife Anne they run their excellent guest house 

At Dromagowlane you can enjoy a hearty breakfast, before heading out with up to the minute information from Paul. There is also a small tackle shop onsite where you can also get bait. 

The scenery of the Beara has to be seen to be believed, and at times while we were down there we felt like we were on the set of Lord of the Rings. So now Paul tells us how 2015 went for his anglers, many thanks Paul.


PH: As I now approach that stage in my life where a free bus pass is coming close and after a lifetime of fishing then one thing I am sure of. It is the wonderful unpredictability of it that keeps me coming back for more and makes every coming year one of excitement and wonder.

Greg trigger

Greg with a trigger

The Great Storm of 2013 made a lot of changes to various parts of the shoreline around Britain and Ireland but the Bearas rocks pretty much stood firm and looked unchanged. But the storm did a lot more invisible damage and one was it seemed to severely disrupt the quantity of sandeels we normally see coming inshore.

unnamed (1)

The summer of 2013 saw hardly any sandeel and as a result there was a drop off in the quality of the pollack fishing. This was also noticeable in 2014, but nature has a remarkable way of bouncing back and 2015 saw the sandeel arriving both early and in large numbers with not just large numbers of pollack following them in but also some very large pollack.


I would truly call 2015 the Year of the Pollack as we saw more shore caught 10 lb+  fish landed than in any previous years, with plenty of 5 lb+ fish added to the mix it was real arm aching sport. They were seemingly being caught on every lure from soft rubber worms to hard plastics. Several of my guests even caught them on poppers, now that is fun fishing.

12.5 lb pollock

The down side to all this pollack bashing was that the bottom fishing was getting ignored but there was still enough done to keep up the Beara reputation. Some good huss fishing with top day going to 2 anglers who managed 17 fish to nearly 12 lbs off a new mark I had found and asked them to try out. That’s what you call test fishing and it continued to produce good sport all year but nobody could match that red letter day.

big huss

bull huss

Plenty of thornies about but this year, but for the first time in ages we had no specimen Spotted Rays, in fact they were fairly thin on the ground with only a few caught but hopefully we will make up for it this year.


Thornback ray

Those trying out LRF around the Peninsula had some great sport with wrasse in particular and some cracking fish were caught including several near specimens. One thing they learnt, especially those fishing here for the first time, was that there might be the word ‘light’ in the LRF term but that does not mean light lines and after several lost fish tippet strengths were soon upped to 8 to 12 lb breaking strain.

Barry wrasse

Barry with a wrasse

What will 2016 bring?

Not a clue but more of the same would be nice.

But as I said earlier it is that unpredictability that makes us anglers keep coming back for more.

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