Seeking out Megrim by Tony Tait

Sizes and weights:

When you first see a megrim, they can look a lot bigger than they weigh. They can be nearly twice the size of a dab yet weigh only half as much as they are a very thin flatfish. When you pick them up you can almost see through them. A lot of the ones we are catching here are actually borderline specimen size, a lot of them come in around 0.75kg




I normally look for coarse sand, shaley and gravelly gound with odd patches of soft mud. It’s nearly the exact same as when you’re looking for red gunnards and the two are often found in close proximity. It tends not to be in shallow water and I have mostly caught them in 160-210ft.

29-06-10 Specimen Megrim 474

Time of year:

The summer seems to be the most productive for them, say from late May onwards and right through into October. They could be there all year we just dont know as don’t get out that much over the Winter due to the weather and when we do it’s usually to try a few wrecks.


Joe Marsella happy with his catch

Drift or ancor and tides:

I prefer drift fishing for them because I think they are like the plaice or turbot in that they will chase a moving bait, they seem to be inquisitive. It’s not that you won’t catch them at anchor just drifting seems to be far more productive. In terms of tides it doesn’t seem to matter as long as your staying in close contact with the bottom.

Tackle and bait: 

I fish with a 12lb class rod, with 30lb braid on the reel in case I come across something bigger it will do the job while still being fine enough to fish for the megrim. For end tackle I normally fish a one down, two up rig with a 3ft flowing trace and size two hooks. I add some beads and spinner blades for movement which seems to work well with their inquisitive nature. The best bait seems to be a belly strip of mackerel. I cut a narrow piece about two inches long and hook it so that it will flap in the tide as your drifting.

29-06-10 Specimen Megrim 466

Tony with a specimen megrim

If you do catch them, mark it on your plotter and you can use that for further reference, and in time you will build up your knowledge of the marks.

And if your trying for your first this year I wish you the best of luck.

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