How to approach a new water by Rob Coleman

IFD: It is a great privilege to welcome back Rob Coleman, greatly respected  by Irish anglers, for more advice stories following on from his rig advice. Rob was an early luminary in Irish carping and previous Irish carp record holder. Before moving back to the UK in 1999 where he continues his run of success.  Here is his advice for starting on a new water… 

Starting on a new water can be daunting, but we all have to start on new waters some time.

Doing your home work before you get to the water, looking up as much information on the water as you can find. Looking on things like Google Earth to see if you can see any features, weed beds, snags, and the orientation of the lake to know the wind direction on there.

See any photos or articles on the fish from there to see if there is any pattern to the captures. Are most of the photos of fish at night or day time, summer or winter?


Once you have as much information you can find try and do a few trips to the water at different time of the day to see if you can see any signs of fish. Talk to any anglers But don’t be asking too many questions. You will probably find some of them will not like to give away too much information to new comers. Just be friendly and if some information comes your way all well and good. Don’t forget you could be fishing there for a few years with those people and could become some very good fishing partners in the future.


Now comes to a bit of fishing, if possible try and do a few day sessions keeping mobile, don’t go mad with the marker rod if others are fishing, think of what you would think if someone did it while your fishing. Respect for others goes a long way. Zig fishing or fishing with singles is probably the best way to start. Feeling the lead down as much as you can to find out as much as you can about the lake bed, depths, silt, weed, gravel, and what ever else you can find.


See how much affect the wind has on the water and in what direction. Are fish moving with new winds? Will lots of leaves be blown into an area of the lake in autumn? Which could end up being very silty, also there could be reduced amounts of oxygen at certain times of the year with the bacteria breaking it down.
Think about the time of year you’re fishing there, as certain times of the year fish will be in different areas of the lake in different depths.


Rob with a stunning looking mirror

Look out for holding areas such as weed beds, snags, island margins, also don’t forget the margin in front of you. You don’t always have to cast 100yards + to catch!!!
Try and think of what your doing and why, if you catch a fish try and work out what was the contributing factors, and work on them by trying to improve them to hopefully give you more success.

Never stop learning, you will never know all the answers !!

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