Custom built perfection by Shane O’ Dea

Some people have tattoos on their body , often these tattoos are symbols or pictures important to them or to mark an event or a milestone in the persons life. Personally I don’t have any tattoos on my body, but I do have them on my fishing rods, and these all have meaning and bring me great joy every time I fish or even just look at them.

On the recommendation from a friend Tony Morris, and after seeing a rod a rod that Tony had gotten built, I got in touch with Nuno Paulinio a world renowned rod builder from Portugal and the rest is history .

I sent my first rod to Nuno to with his magic on around four years ago, and now I have seven custom built rods. Nuno’s work is both of high quality and also extremely creative.   We even visited Nuno a few years back and got to see the master at work first hand. The hours he puts into each rod are unbelievable, and the detail and finish are without doubt top notch. As with everything that’s custom built, a particular style  or theme may not be to everyone’s taste but there is no denying the quality.

1. Patrick rod : My nickname to a few close friends is Patrick from the sponge Bob square pants cartoon. I decided to have a rod built to pay homage to my nickname. The blank is a Zziplex LT14 and it’s built with KWAG guides. The whipping is done in a marbling effect and it’s both beautiful and funtional.


2. Celtic rod : Glasgow Celtic are my football team and I decided to have a rod built to dedicated to the Bhoys. I also had the names of my two boys engraved into the leather grips that are a tribute to the old leather footballs. The whipping is as you would expect in green and white and the great Henrick Larsson is on the rod also, celebrating scoring against Rangers. There are two crests on the rod, the traditional four leafed clover one and the centenary crest from 1988 when I first took an interest in Celtic. The blamk the rod is built on is a Zziplex M4 evo and the rings are Fuji alconites.


3. & 4. Angel Eyes : These rods are a pair of daiwa Kenzaki boat rods. Each rod has one of my sons eyes on the graphic and their name etched into the hand grips. The theme is also sky and clouds and this is featured on both the rods. They are built with Alps guides and Alps reel seats.
3. Hands rod : This rod was a surprise from my partner Donna for Christmas in 2013. It features are hands together and is in the style of an old school tattoo. The rod is also built in the old style with really cool whopping on the eyes and the butt. The rod is whipped in the Zziplex colours and the grip is red artificial leather with a reflective  Zziplex logo. The blank is a Zziplex M4 GT and the rings are my old favourites, Fuji Alconites.
6. Bullet : I wanted a simple theme for this rod, and after much discussion with Nuno we came up with this understated rod. The rod is predominantly black, including the grips of the eyes with only a small band copper whipping at the end of each eye. There is a graphic of a fifty calibre shell on the butt section and also Nuno has put the end section of a cartridge into the bottom of the butt, very cool. The blank of this rod is a Zziplex bullet and the rings are again Fuji Alconites.
7. Bradan Feasa : This is the salmon of knowledge rod. It’s a spinning/lure rod and  It features a brilliant picture of Fionn Mac Cumhaill the warrior and Nuno has also engraved the salmon of knowledge into the grip of this rod. This rod was featured on the front cover of rod maker magazine. The rod is an American tackle blank with the microwave system guides for longer smoother casting with reduced wind knots. Nuno also supplied a customised rod bag with this, and I think this little beauty might just be my favourite among all my other favourites.

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We are three anglers who enjoy all aspects of fishing. Whether we are blanking or catching were happiest on the bank or shore. If you like your fishing join us by watching our many trips and as we interview some top anglers along the way.....
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