Making boilies by Rob Coleman

An advantage of making your own bait is you can change things about it that may give you an advantage over using ready made bait, ie. Colour, flavour levels and type, harder or softer, buoyancy along with other things.

If you have never made bait before you would be best to start off using a base mix from one of the many company’s that make them rather than trying to make up your own base mix as you know it will roll up well.
To start off first time it’s probably best to mix up a small mix 1 or 2 eggs worth till you get the hang of it. Also if you don’t have a sausage gun and rolling table it will take you a while to roll the boilies by hand. Don’t always think you have to roll them into boilies, you could roll the mix out with a rolling pin and cut them into cubes before boiling them or make the mix into a block and wrap it in cling film and boil it like that and cut it after.


Getting a few bits ready

First off get a large glass bowl (plastic will hold the smell of the flavours you use) crack in the eggs, add the flavours and any additives and colouring you want to use making sure you don’t go overboard with the levels as adding too much will put the fish off the bait.


Getting the right amount of flavour

Mix these up well with a fork. Now is the time to add the base mix small amounts at a time, I like to add it till I get it to a very thick soup consistency and leave it for a few minutes to let it soak in.


Slowly adding the basemix

Then carry on adding the base mix mixing it up with the fork, you will get to a stage when you will find it hard to mix with the fork, now is the time to get your hands messy, go careful at this stage as you can end up adding too much base mix that will end up with the boilies cracking and not rolling well. I find that when you get to a point when there is not too much of the mix sticking to your hands is about right.


All mixed up and ready to roll

Now if you have a sausage gun you can load it up. Using the right size nozzle for the rolling table your using. (the nozzle will be a bit smaller than the size of the groove in the rolling table.) (if you use a nozzle too small you will end up with barrels and too big you will end up with boilies a bit like a polo falling apart.)


Loading the sausage gun

Next if you squeeze out the sausages out across the rolling table and put them aside ready to start rolling them. Placing one sausage across the rolling table place the top on it rolling over the sausage in both directions to create the round boilies.


Sausages extruded from the gun and ready for the rolling table

When you have rolled all the mix now is the time to boil them. The longer you boil them the harder they will get but don’t boil them too long as you will be boiling out all the goodness and smell. 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on the size of the boilies and hardness required.


Into the boiling water not too many at a time

Do not boil too many at once as it will lower the temperature of the water off boiling point and not give you an even result. You can use a sive or a slotted spoon to take the out when the time is up and place them onto a towel to cool off.


On the towel cooling off

Once they have cooled off completely you can bag them up and place them into your freezer ready for your next fishing trip and hopefully catch you some lovely fish.

FullSizeRender (27)

On the hair ready to go

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