French carping by Lloyd Lynch

IFD: Not only is Lloyd Lynch ranked as one of Ireland’s top kick boxers, he is also a gifted up and coming angler from Dublin where he has been kicking ass on the bank as well now. Here is how Lloyd got on a few weeks ago, on his first ever French carping trip, enjoy…

The 13th of April had finally arrived it was time to head to France for my first fishing trip abroad, to a lake called Lac Du Val with my good friend Matthew. As we boarded Irish Ferries that evening, the excitement I was feeling was unexplainable, knowing that I was heading to a lake with the chance of a fish of a lifetime. The thoughts of hooking a 40lb+ fish was real and at the same time frightening!

After a two hour drive from Dublin to Rosslare, then an 18 hour ferry crossing, then another two hour drive from Cherbourg to the lake and we were finally there. We arrived on a Thursday evening to be greeted by the owners Sammy and Dave, and were treated to delicious dinner and a quick update on how the lake was fishing. We were told it was quiet enough with not too many fish out but we were still hopeful.


That night we stayed in the chalet on the complex as we were to be fishing from the Friday to the next Friday. We sat up tying and chatting, impatiently waiting for dawn to arrive. Finally after a sleepless night it was time to go fishing!

There was five pegs on the lake, so we decided to have half the lake each as we had booked the lake exclusively. My friend Matthew was going to fish peg 2 which consisted of an island and shallow water and I was going to be in peg 4, which was the opposite of peg 2, deep water and an open area out infront.

I got the bivvy set up and settled in quite quickly. I found three lovely spots where I was happy to fish my rods. Two of the rods were placed over the opposite side of the lake along a margin line consisting of  overhanging trees. To fish these spots I decided to drop my rigs using the bait boat as it was an awkward cast due to the overhanging branches because I was fishing directly underneath them. Finally my third, right hand rod was casted to a small willow tree just beside the lakes dam wall.

I was confident in these spots and as I baited up lightly that evening with mixed particle, tigers and boilies, it was time to see what the first night had in store for us. With freezing cold temperatures that night dropping down to -1’c. Apart from a great night sleep we had no action at all. As I was sitting on my bedchair drinking a nice hot cup of tea, watching the lake for any signs of fish, my middle rod burst into action. After an arm aching fight a long lean common was sitting in the net. I was happy now I was off the mark. It weighed 24lb on the button and after a few pictures I slipped the fish back and got the rod immediately back out thinking to myself of a chance of another fish was possible before breakfast.


24lb common to start the trip

That was right as the bobbin on my left hand rod pulled tight and it was away. It was another common just over 17lb and my confidence was now sky high as I got two bites in the first 24 hours so I felt I was doing something right.


17lb common

The day passed quickly and after stuffing our faces with a tasty dinner and dessert, the second night was just upon us and the rods were back on the spots. It was midnight and just as I was falling asleep, suddenly my left hand rod screamed off. The fish was snagged for a couple of minutes under the over hanging branches on the far side, but by keeping constant pressure on the fish it finally came free. It turned out to be a plump mirror weighing 18lb 9oz.


A nightime mirror

But what I didn’t know was that was the last of my action for the following three days apart from the odd small fish. At the same time though Matthew was picking them off in a small bay up in his end of the lake where they seemed to be holding up. He even had his first forty, a lump of a mirror weighing 40lb 4oz. A great memory for us both and I was completely buzzing for him even though it was slow down my end.

With the lack of action I was having, my self esteem was low and my confidence levels were also low for another bite. We had three days left and after breakfast that morning I decided to go try make something happen and go stalking over the opposite side of the lake joined by Dave the fishery owner.

The bay had a good head of fish in it and they were moving around actively. I quietly placed my corn rig down my right margin and sprinkled some particle over it. Things became frustrating watching these fish come in with their heads down and tails up. It was obvious they were feeding on my particle. All of a sudden my rod doubled over and I was connected to a very large fish.

With my knees shaking and arms aching I got a glimpse of what I had on the end of the line and I began to feel weak! After endless runs peeling line off the reel and having the net under her three or four times she was finally mine. I was speechless looking down at this monster sitting in the net. All the equiptment was ready and with the scales zeroed it was time to see what she was. As Dave struggled to lift the fish up in the sling, seeing that little needle point on the Ruebens going to 42lb is a vision and a moment I will never forget. I was completely blown away!


Elated with a 42lb mirror

But that was only the start of the action as my last two nights were hectic and also sleepless but I wasn’t complaining. I moved one of my rods to a dead tree close to the bay and that’s what proved to be successful. In the last 48 hours of the session`I landed another nine carp up to 31lb 8oz, this being my first 30+ common.


My first common over 30 at 31lb 8oz

Also including a 27lb 12oz mirror, 25lb mirror, then a common of 24lb 10oz and a few other low twenties and high teens.


27lb 12oz


A gorgeous 25 mirror

Speechless to say the least and what a session it turned out to be. Just goes to show if you work for it you will be successful like anything you do in life. Overall we landed 30 carp between us and we were going home two tired happy men.

As we said our goodbyes and boarded the ferry home we were eager to over already and immediately booked another trip. All I can say is roll on the 12th August!


24 lb 10oz





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  1. oboyledesign says:

    Great stuff pal. Thrilling stuff. Very jealous!

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