Thresher shark by Ger Murphy

We were supposed to have six anglers but on the morning only John Harrington turned up. He had stayed over the previous night. So myself and John headed away out with the best of rubby dubby. We had six fine blues between 80lb to 110lb. It got quiet then as the tide changed then this thing comes along!

We were hoping for a porgie, and when the rod took off it went like a train that basically all the other lines were cut and it was start the engines. At fifteen minutes in we had no idea this would go on for three hours. Originally we knew it was something different from the first run and the power it had at it’s disposal, we actually thought it might be a porgie. It never crossed my mind we had hooked a thresher.

I rang Mick Walsh half way through the battle and I said we have a large fish here Mick and we have no idea what it is. So we got him up halfways and he just sat there for half an hour with his head into the tide and there was no moving him. John was using a 20/30 rod and a shimano lever drag reel with 50lb braid.

He shot back down again a few times and I had to push the boat on to keep up with him or he was going to spool us. After three hours we had him and when he came up it was just wow! The tail looked unreal, and all through the fight he had ruled the roost. Once we had him on deck, keeping his tail in check was a challenge. The power in the tail is phenomenal. John Harrington is a great angler and fishes with me regularly, and by the end of the fight he was burnt alive by three hours in the sun, fair play John.


Ireland’s first thresher shark


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1 Response to Thresher shark by Ger Murphy

  1. Dave O'Donovan says:

    Well done boys, free beer in Humphreys to celebrate!

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