Galway Porgie by John Paul Kelly

IFD: Many thanks to John Paul Kelly who gives the account of the momentous day he crewed for Skipper John Fleming of and they managed to get a Galway porbeagle. The first of hopefully many for John and John Paul and a big congrats to the Condron lads and friends, a great days fishing.

There was a Blue shark trip booked with John Fleming’s Blue Shark Angling from Rossaveal on Saturday 16th July . There was a group of six lads down from Crumlin for it. I said I’d go as crew to help out in the hope we might get something special . We all met at the boat in rossaveal before 8.30am , the Dublin lads were on the road early leaving about 4am.

We steamed out to the Gregory sound and tried a stop for mackerel . Things were looking bleak with only one pollack between us. We decided to get a longer drift on the opposite side of the sound . After a few drops we were into the mackerel , they were moving up and down the water column so the lads kept after them and after about 40 mins we had enough fresh bait so we steam on out.

There was big swells in it but the Brazen Hussy ploughed through them and was able to keep the speed up. We set up for a long drift as we were getting nice north westerly maybe 14mph plus. Nice grey overcast conditions with a big 12ft swell and more at times but they were well spread out.

The dubby was fired out and rods were set up with balloons. We used a mix of pollack and mackerel baits. Things were quiet for about an hour till be spotted a huge shadow passing just outside the boat . At first we though it was a whale but on the second pass everyone was on deck and it clearly was a huge porbeagle cruising around. It passed the money rod which was only at 15ft but no interest turned away and that got the blood racing.

No more action for about another 20 mins then the furthest rod out took off and Wayne Lenard was drawn to take it. The blue had swam over to another bait and the second rod took off Martin jumped on the rod and we soon realised it was the same fish. We untangled that rig and Wayne fought it well after that as it took a few deep dives. We landed it and after a few photos and measurements it was on its way.


Wayne with a fine blue shark

Next up was Brendan Condron he was into a Blue that had been playing about with the bait before it decided to take off. After a short battle that was landed and she was on her way.


We had a bit of a quiet spell then . The skipper and myself kept working the dubby bags and chunking away with frozen mack and scraps. I changed the money rod to a flappered pollack to give it some action. Not too long before home time the money rod too off like a rocket I was beside it so I tightened into it as it was a circle hook and we were hooked up well. I handed the rod to Owen and he was surprised by the power of the run.

 The skipper and myself knew it was something different because it was showing no sign of stopping with a good drag on, it was the smallest reel out of course. Owen and Martin took turns on the rod as it wasn’t giving up lightly . We had the trace to the boat after about 25mins and then that was the last we seen of it for a while. A big shout came up from the back of the boat ” Fish On”.
Wayne Condron was on it and we thought it was another porgie because it gave Wayne a real work out. The fish didn’t show for ages and his brother Dylan kindly jumped in to finish off the fight. We boated that blue on the opposite side of the boat where the porgie was still on. It fought like a lot bigger fish. We got the photos and measurements and released in back in.

Dylan Condron

 The catch of the day was still on the loose and it being our first porbeagle on the Blue Shark Charter it was one that we couldn’t afford to loose.
 Martin was up and down the deck during fight . We eventually got the fish to the port side and with a big effort we got it in safe. A huge cheer went up and the long search for our first porbeagle was over . Everyone was excited . A quick turn around on the fish and it was off on its way . Going by the formula it was near the 80lb but seemed a bigger fish. We werent complaining. A good days sharking with 3 nice blues under 80lb and it had turned into our most important day so far.
We tidied up the decks and steamed for home. All the lads got some action and were delighted with their day. What a day, seen 2 porbeagles in the one day and we’ve be waiting years to catch one. The Porbeagle hunt is now in a new era. Great to see them about Galway. That’s the first of many we hope. Any ones that’s interested in a good shark trip contact John Fleming the skipper on 087 7571320. Thank to John and Sandy for keeping us entertained . We will all be back for more…

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