Kilmore Quay by James Brennan

Located in south east Ireland the fishing village of Kilmore Quay is a beautiful scenic area renowned for its excellent fishing and amazing scenery.The modern 60 berth marina hosts a wide array of vessels including 6 fully kitted charter boats.There is a wide variety of species to be caught all around the fishing grounds from the small but beautiful Corkwing Wrasse to the sleek and powerful Tope.The majority of boat angling in Kilmore Quay is done over rough ground but Bass, Ray, Tope , Flatfish and Wreck fishing is also available on request. During the summer the Mackerel shoals begin to show and this is the staple food source for the larger predators.


Kilmore Quay

Tackle – The majority of the boat angling out of Kilmore is the jigging of various feathers and rigs.While other tactics are used such as Gilling (the flying collar rig) and drifting with Tope rigs or even fishing for the Ray species at anchor the majority seems to be jigging for Cod, Pollack, Ling, Mackerel, Gurnards and Coalfish. I have found from my personal experience that you need to carry an array of colours shapes and sizes. My personal favourite would have to be the Shamrock Kilmore Killers baiting the bottom hook with a finger size strip of Mackerel or the Fladen Tube rig. It all depends on the day what the fish would like to take but don’t rule out simple black feathers I have seen these out fish the most technical and realistic tackle time and time again. Any generic form of  boat rod will do for this type of fishing loaded with a palm sized multiplier loaded with 30 pound mono or 50 pound braid. I do have to mention you will need to bring plenty of lead weights as the ground around Kilmore Quay can be extremely rough depending on where you are fishing. Don’t worry if you havent got a boat rod or reel the skippers in Kilmore Quay the Charter skippers have rods and reels for hire and are always willing to help.Small Sandeel shapes lures such as the 4.5 inch Red gill or Side winder fished on a spinning rod can be a killer method for Cod, Pollack and Bass.

Species – Each April we see the influx of the summer species Cod, Mackerel, Tope etc arrive on the grounds. Over the course of the summer charter trips will head for these grounds anyday they have a booking and the weather is good. There is two options to choose from the full day from 9:00-4:00 or a short evening trip from 5:00-8:00 the latter trip is a great outing for kids. Numerous species have been recorded from kilmore from the Black Bream to the Monkfish and Blonde Ray. Almost all this fishing is done while drifting with the exception of Rays which is fished at anchor out on the sand banks.


Tope – Every year there is a small number of large female Tope landed from 50-80 pounds. To fish for tope you need a strong wire trace crimped to a 6/0 hook and a swivel to the top of the wire. You then attach 65 inches of 120 pound mono with a zip slider threaded on and finished with another large barrel swivel. Connect a lead to the zip slider and bait up with a Mackerel flapper hooked under the jaw and up through the head slowly let it down to the bottom and wind up 7-12 turns set your ratchet and drag and wait for that adrenaline pumping noise of the ratchet screaming.


Rays – Out in the sandbanks out of Kilmore Quay there are Thornback , Blonde , Painted and Spotted rays to be caught. A simple running leger with a 60 pound snood ending in a 3/0 aberdeen hook baited with half a fillet of Mackerel is all that is too it. You will need 10-14 ounce leads for this type of fishing as there is quite a strong current on the banks.

Conclusion – I hope you enjoyed this short article on the boat fishing out of Kilmore Quay.The angling can be fantastic for Cod, Mackerel, and Pollack and on a hot summers day it makes everything so much better. I look forward to seeing a few of you for the coming season and if anyone has any questions don’t hesitate to send me a message. Tight lines James Brennan.

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