Etang du Vaulaurent with Frederic Moisan

IFD: When considering a first trip to France for carp fishing, it can be quite daunting as to where to go and what kind of venue will best suit your expectations. The list of venues available can be mind boggling, so recently we spoke to French Fred as he is better known back here in Ireland. 

Fred is an honourary Cork man having lived in the city for a number of years and was regular on the carp lakes in the area. You may even notice a hint of the Cork accent still there as he drops the odd langer into conversation!

He returned to France to work with his family on the beautifully maintained Etang du Vaulaurent, also known as Golden Valley lake and more and more Irish anglers have been out to enjoy this fabulous lake.


Frederic Moisan


How long will it take a visitor from Ireland to get to Etang du Vaulaurent?

If you take the ferry, we are 3.5 hours from Cherbourg and 2.5 hours from Roscoff. With the motorway system and sat nav we are easy to find. You can also fly from Dublin to Rennes oo Nantes where we will collect you and bring you to your swim.


Can you tell us a bit about the lake and its stock of Carp?

The lake is 29 acres and is surrounded by woodland. We have eight swims which are all double swims except for 5 and 7. We have around 550 carp with fifteen 50’s, around forty 40’s and an average fish is 28lb. In November we are going to introduce around sixty more fish from 12 to 17kg.


What packaged are on offer to visitors?

You can drive and survive for 300 per week and you can bring your own fishing gear.

We offer a food package where will provide all meals in the club house or brought to your swim.

You can also fly into Rennes where we will collect you and take you to your swim. We will provide all tackle and our just need to bring your own reels, end tackle, alarms and sleeping bag and we will provide bivvy, rod pod, bed chair, lights, bivvy table etc.


What does the food package consist of?

We do a full English/ Irish  breakfast that you can have at the club house or we can bring it to your swim on a roll. Typical dinners are half roast chicken with chips and salad, curries, pasta and we will try and suit most tastes and can cater for vegetarians, we are legible to people’s needs.



For bait we are supplied by Nutrabaits, which are top quality boilies. We don’t sell particle here as it encourages the bream into your swim although feel free to bring some if you wish.

What have been your own happiest memories of the lake?

I have had many many memorable sessions on the lake but the best memories, is seeing some of my Irish friends come over and fish France for the first time. I have seen many anglers up their PB several times in the week, and to see someone go home happy with his experience and photos really is the highlight. I enjoyed fishing in Ireland so I know the pleasure of catching your first 30, 40 or even fifty. It’s an easy enough water and when the fish are feeding it’s usually around 20/25 runs in a week, though we have had up to 160 runs!


Well many thanks Fred for talking to us 

Anytime lads Merci beaucoup….


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We are three anglers who enjoy all aspects of fishing. Whether we are blanking or catching were happiest on the bank or shore. If you like your fishing join us by watching our many trips and as we interview some top anglers along the way.....
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1 Response to Etang du Vaulaurent with Frederic Moisan

  1. Tomas kavanagh says:

    Ive fished this place on two occassions. Once for a full week and more recently for a three night session. The lake is beautiful, the swims are spacious and the landscape is peaceful. There is terrific wildlife around the lake with deer and owls just to name some. Both Fred and the owner Michele take great pride in the lake, its fish and the service they provide. In addition to the stock mentioned there are also grass carp that fight very hard. I would definately recomend a trip.

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