Marlin trip to La Gomera by Alastair Wilson

Last year i was lucky enough to win two days marlin fishing on Andrej Dolinsek’s boat The Right Hook on the island of La Gomera. Andrej runs a very smart Bertram 31 fully rigged for big game fishing and along with his wife Suzanne they also run a cafe / bar called Ambigu just a few minutes walk from the boat. 

After a chat with Andrej I called up my two fishing buddies Maurice and Trevor and we hatched a plan. We booked the boat for 3 days in mid August. We flew out of Dublin airport to Tenerife south then got a taxi ride of about 20 minutes to Los Cristianos ferry terminal and then the ferry to San Sebastian, La Gomera. 

Andrej had already arranged for us to stay at Hotel Torre del Conde a nice hotel with air conditioned rooms and quite possibly the cheapest mini bar I‘ve ever came across, and only 5 minutes walk from the marina.

When we arrived, unfortunately Andrej’s boat had engine trouble, but Andrej being a man of his word, a rare trait these days, arranged for us to fish on another boat, Oberon a 1250 Rodman run by John Keggie. John originally from Scotland, a seasoned skipper of the shetland islands who’s opted for sunnier climes and the chance to play with some of the biggest and fastest fish the atlantic has to offer. 

We were delighted to have a 1250 at our disposal for the three days, a home a way from home. We knew how good a fishing platform the 1250 was, after all, the three of us many years ago got a harsh introduction into the world of shark and tuna fishng back home in Ireland by a good friend. 

Looking around the boat we knew these guys were serious, the fighting chair, the carbon out riggers, star and international rods filling the holders matched with big shimano 80’s and 130’s Everywhere I looked there where black bart ‘ big breakfast ‘ and ‘puerto rico prowlers’ all rigged proper with needle sharp hooks. It was fantastic.

Two days flew by without seeing a Marlin, Andrej at he helm on the flybridge constantly scanning the water and John on the deck watching the lures, trading fishy tales and talking tackle with us. Now and again we’d come across the odd piece of floating debris, Andrej would circle the boat around and we’d deploy smaller lures for dorado but to no avail. Being seasoned small boat anglers we were well prepared for blank days it happens a lot when you search for that one special fish. 

outriggers waiting to pop

Anyway, on the third and final day around 13.00 one of the 80’s let rip. Maurice got in the chair and all the other rods where cleared. After some fine acrobatics by a 700lb blue marlin a 40 minute fight ensued.

Fish On!

The colours on that big fish fired up were amazing, the neon blue and navy and that big beautiful bill, they really are the pinnacle of sport fishing, to see that beast tail walking yards from the boat is a sight to behold. 

All lit up and not playing games!

Andrej played an absoulate blinder behind the wheel, he was on point. John didnt mess about either on the wire, it takes balls and skill to deal with a fish that size. A first class effort by everyone. The fish was released in less that 40 minutes,  (now I understand why they back down on them.)

I had my chance a couple of hours later, a 130 lit up and by the time I got my ass in the chair the fish had emptied 200 yards. I got tight on the fish but after a short period it threw the hook. To be honest I was that busy laughing at how fast the fish was running I wasnt really bothered about loosing it, we had got to see that big impressive marlin earlier. The guys estimated my fish around 300lb.

Mission accomplished

An excellent three days with my best mates and guided by two VERY knowledgeable skippers, in fact two of the best I‘ve ever fished with. We all agreed that they worked so hard to get us the fish and their hospitality was first class. 

I particularly enjoyed the lazy mornings and evenings at Andrej’s bar having a cold beer and chatting to other captains on the island about their days fishing. It was a cool place to hang out and talk fishing. 

There’s some amazing fishing to be had in La Gomera , they get a run of big bluefin tuna in spring, marlin through the summer and wahoo in winter not to mention big eye, albacore and yellow fin tuna and of course dorado. 

There’s shark too, hammer head and mako, although sharks are frowned upon as a nuisance on one trip a guy had a small tuna cut in two by a 500lb mako at the boat, an interesting prospect for the shark anglers out there. Its probably some of the best big game fishing available and only a 4 hour plane ride from Ireland. 

Flights and accommodation are reasonabley priced as is the food and drink. the fishing grounds are close by also, just out of the marina, being a volcanic island La Gomera shelters you from the trade winds, most of the fishing is done on the south side of the island in the lee of the land, in calm water. 

the lads say farewell before it’s time to go home

All this in glorious sunshine combine that with Andrej or John as your skipper it has the making of a great fishing holiday.

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